A stop to politics

It used to be said in this country that politics stopped at the water’s edge. I hope that is still true.

It will take bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate to ratify the New START nuclear arms-control treaty — a treaty that will commit Russia and the United States to modest reductions in their nuclear weapons and will restore the lapsed system of mutual verification between them.

Just as important is the example ratification will send to countries with nuclear programs — the example of the two leading nuclear-arms powers curbing their own forces as they ask other countries to turn away from nuclear arms.

The trouble is that the Republican leadership in the Senate, in particular Sens. Jon Kyl and Mitch McConnell, are bent on preventing ratification. All they care about is frustrating President Barack Obama. They don’t mind that they are encouraging the pro-nuclear forces in Iran and North Korea to feel and say that if America won’t give up any of its nuclear arms, why should they?

We need Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to announce that they will vote to ratify the New START treaty and to tell the Republican leaders in the Senate publicly that politics should stop at the water’s edge.

James Parakilas, Lewiston

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 's picture

Senator Kyle is wrong

Senator Kyle is wrong and is an idiot

We have ABM capability, and are deploying it
(See Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System)


This is purely about denying the President any victory. This is about politics above the national good.

Jerome Young's picture

Somehow a non-binding section

Somehow a non-binding section of a preamble, becomes binding. Or is modified to be binding. We have had the apology tour. We have had the "everybody has to buy healthcare", except the unions which is non-binding or exempted. We have to have these stimuli or the unemployment will go to 10%. We had to bail out GM, stiffing the bond holders in favor of the unions, who are also exempted from healthcare. Now we are negotiating with Russia, who loves to play chicken with gas and oil. I tell you what, lets pay N Korea to stop their programs.....oops I guess we already did that. And didn't Iran state not so many years ago,, "we don't have a nuklur program?" We need to negotiate from strength. 1989 was proof. I personally would like to know if any of our statesmen and women, have read this thing. That, I think, would be a step in the right direction.

Mark Wrenn's picture

pure politics

Clowns like Kyl are pulling one line from the non-binding preamble and twisting it into an up is down argument to try to make the case the USA will not be allowed to develop missile defenses. The Secretary of Defense stated straight out the New Start treaty will impose “no limits on us.” In the meantime, while the GOP twiddles around clutching their pearls and smelling salts, US inspectors are no longer watching the Russian arsenal, and countries like Iran and N Korea are not deterred in their nuclear (nu-ku-ler) ambitions.

David A. Gagnon's picture

The secretary of state lies a

The secretary of state lies a lot, just like her old man did when he was president. Where is the so called transparency lil, there is none. There hasn't been any since Berry took office. Several request for briefings and to see the negotiation report with no response from this administration.

David A. Gagnon's picture

And I Quote

Mr Parakils if you knew what you were talking about, you would retract this letter. And I quotte;
"For the next century, the real problem for us is if anybody launches a missile at us, we are almost defenseless. We now have just the beginnings of an ability to shoot them down. We are the only ones. The Israelis have an ability in short-term but we are the only ones who have the capacity.

This is the threat of the century. There are going to be a lot of small countries that are going to be armed. Some of them are rogue states. Look what's happening in Pyongyang. These guys are working on a three-stage rocket, and you put a nuke on top of it and it lands in Honolulu or L.A. or San Francisco.

And we have almost nothing that would shoot it down. We have a few interceptors in Alaska. But we are way ahead of the world.

And the questions is, are we going to sign a treaty that restricts our capacity to develop the technology and deploy? As of now with the cancellation of the ABM treaty in 2001, we can do anything we want. But why would we gratuitously hamper ourselves? That's what Republicans want to know. Are we hampering ourselves and conceding restrictions on ABM systems?"

This is what Senator Kyle is concerned about. This is not about Berry O although Berry himself would like to make it look that way. This is about the Senator getting the negotiation record in order to make a sound decision on weather we are limiting our ability to defend ourselves. They have asked for briefings on this matter and the administration has ignored them. Where is the transparency they tout so much. What are they hiding.


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