Execution is a just sentence

The seven-hour horrific home invasion of the Connecticut doctor, his wife and two children was incomprehensible; tragic beyond compare.

The insensitive, over-used term "closure" was a misnomer as the doctor will never forget the heinous witnessing of his wife's murder and both children's beds doused in the gasoline fatalities.

Why the protracted jury deliberations?

The criminal deserves execution as soon as legally possible.

I cannot empathize, yet sympathize with the living hell the father will awaken to each and every day for the rest of his life.

Barbara Kern, Auburn

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When and if this trial ends in a guilty verdict

and if there is no chance that anyone innocent has been convicted, death is and should be, the only fit punishment for the perpetrators of this crime.
I would expect the same if this happened to my family and would ask for permission to carry out the sentence myself with my own gun.
Doesn't it seem funny to those of you who are the extreme liberals of this world that the more civilized we become, the more of this type of senseless violence occurs. Look back at history and see for yourselves. Yes, there were acts of violence, often random, but nothing to match the things we are seeing in this society of welfare and entitlement. Years ago people were too busy actually working 12-18 hours a day taking care of their families to be able to take the time to commit these kind of acts.
I think what it comes down to now is that boredom, coupled with mental instability, as well as the idea that "I" am entitled to everything that everyone else has (even if I didn't work to earn it) has led to this type of behavior. Add to that the fact that, besides incarceration (which includes four squares a day, a bed, college education, healthcare, gymnasiums, etc), there are very few places in this country that will mete out a truly just punishment for a heinous crime like this.
Make the punishment fit the crime ( an eye for an eye), broadcast that punishment live for all to see, and the crime rate will go down.
Oh, and make sure that every responsible (ie: sane) householder owns a gun that they know how to use and that's not locked in a cabinet where he/she can't get at it in a time of need.

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Thank you

for being brave enough to post a real reply rather than just disagreeing with me.
As for the rest of you, I don't mind that people disagree but at least have the stones to put down a reason for disagreeing so that we can debate the point in a rational manner. You may have points that I hadn't considered and I may have the same for you. This is supposed to be a forum, and the last time I looked, a forum was a venue through which all people could voice an opinion and be able to defend it. Attacking or disagreeing behind a curtain of anonymity is just cowardly.
Again, JMO.

RONALD RIML's picture

Barbara Kern asks: "Why the protracted jury deliberations?"

Jurors have a sworn duty to consider all of the evidence. Bloggers don't.

- As a good American, learn something about your judicial system.

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you can't un-murder someone

you can't un-murder someone either.

btw: death by smoke inhalation. thank you for clearifing since that makes such a huge difference in the inhumanity of the crime. tying someone up, setting their house on fire and it's all their fault that they died from breathing. and your right. death is too good for this prick, but since he has absolutly no conscience to live with, he'll just get free room and board for life instead. hope your happy.

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Tron go back in your cave if you don't have anything good to say.

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do not feed the troll.

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I had hoped he would learn

I had hoped he would learn from his temporary banishment. Too bad Candiceanne decided to abandon us with her unjust temporarty banishment and not waste anymore time with this rag, she did a good job dealing with him. For all of you out there who keep asking or insinuating, CandiceAnne is not CommonSense not even the same sex.


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