Lewiston woman shot, killed in Boston neighborhood

A Lewiston woman was shot and killed in a Boston neighborhood late Tuesday in what police described as a drug deal gone wrong.

Erica Field's Lewiston High School yearbook photo.

Her boyfriend was shot in the head and listed in critical condition at Boston Medical Center on Thursday night, police said.

Erica Field, 29, was dead when she was found late Tuesday night in a rental car parked on Norwell Street in Dorchester. Next to her, 32-year-old Shameek "Jo Jo" Garcia had been shot several times and at least once in the head, according to reports given to the Boston Herald.

It was believed both of them had been shot several times. A reporter at the Herald said he was told Field was sitting in the driver's seat.

According to friends in Lewiston, Field and Garcia had been living together in an apartment on Davis Street, near Bates College.

Since the shooting, investigators from Boston have come to Maine where they have been joined by Lewiston police and agents from the Central Maine Violent Crimes Task Force in a search for clues to the killer. Police and agents were speaking with potential witnesses in Lewiston and surrounding towns in a search for a connection between Dorchester and this area.

By late Thursday, no weapon had been discovered. Investigators were exploring the possibility that the gun used in the shootings may have come from Maine, police said.

Both Garcia and Field had criminal records. Field's was reasonably minor, Garcia's was not.

In 1995, he was convicted of trafficking crack cocaine in Lewiston. Four years later, he was caught carrying a 9 mm handgun in violation of his felony status. That cost Garcia 2½ years in federal prison.

He also served state time for trafficking crack cocaine, according to court records, and was in and out of jail on other local crimes. Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Supervisor Gerry Baril said Garcia was someone his agents had been dealing with for more than a decade.

In late winter this year, a woman who lives in a Lisbon trailer accused Garcia of keeping her hostage for several days inside her home. The report was later discounted and the woman was charged with making a false report.

Field, who has a daughter in the sixth grade, had a lesser criminal history, having been arrested on charges of assault, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana.

Friends of Field described her as a good woman who made bad decisions, particularly in matters of boyfriends. She grew up in Lewiston and had been working at Val's Root Beer, a drive-in hamburger stand on Sabattus Street.

At Val's Thursday night, store managers said they did not want to comment about Field's death until they had a chance to speak with her family.

A little more than 10 years ago, Field was a standout softball pitcher who also played basketball and field hockey. Friends said her athletic ambitions came to an end when she became pregnant her junior year.

Field saw her share of family tragedy, as well. In 1997, her older brother Michael was killed when the Jeep in which he was a passenger rolled over and landed on top of him. The driver of the Jeep ultimately pleaded guilty to reckless conduct.

The investigation into the Tuesday night shooting was expected to continue both in Boston and in the Lewiston area. Police did not say how long they believe Garcia and Field had been in Dorchester.



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 's picture

I am so sorry for the Field

I am so sorry for the Field families loss. I agree with Rob, I believe that Erica is with Mike and Pepere Val--who was such a wonderful man. Who knows why these things happen--I only pray that the family can heal, and that someway, somehow, some poor girl reading this can see her relationship for what it is--but then again, I do believe that sometimes that people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the only thing the rest of us can do is learn, and pray.

God bless you Field family, my thoughts and prayers are with you, but again, the knowledge that Erica is with Val is a comfort-


 's picture

Drug outfits are cold she

Drug outfits are cold she didn't deserve to get murdered in cold blood over drugs. Seeing Taxpoor and Twitch right that off so easily makes them seem so high and just. Speaking ill of the dead is a sin, there is always a time for redemption, and you make those remarks so easily that everyone is beyond saving except for yourself. There is a saying my Grandfather had after returning from WWII Taxpoor and Twitch that is; "You have never drank from the milk of human kindness" not a sip and not a sup. Taxpoor and Twitch what have you done that makes you outstanding human beings really? Do you speak ill of the dead because you can and its so easily?

Speak so highly of yourself online like your vindicated Saints when you hardly could carry the cross of your own sins.

Joe Ziehm
Lewiston ME

There are two kinds of Republicans in this world moderate and conservative for so long I've picked the moderate that now it is time to consider the path less traveled.

 's picture

I am so sorry Gina and

I am so sorry Gina and family for your loss. Your family has been through so much through the years and my thoughts are with you all.

 's picture

So to the best of your

So to the best of your knowledge then and correct me if I'm wrong you've never heard the story of Hollywood Henderson from the Dallas Cowboys and how he has reformed several lives in prison and in public speaking? Thanks for the clarifications Twitch what's your record do you have a criminal record? Have you ever done anything illegal in the past? I don't mind if you tell me that its none of my business but then that means you've got a few things to hide and reasons why to hide them.

Joe Ziehm
Lewiston ME

There are two kinds of Republicans in this world moderate and conservative for so long I've picked the moderate that now it is time to consider the path less traveled.

 's picture

My heart goes out to the

My heart goes out to the family left behind in this tragedy. No one can comprehend the loss of a daughter, sister, aunt, mother, and friend. When this happens in our lives it SUCKS, doesn't matter how a person dies, loosing a loved one especially a mom or a daughter is heartwrenching. Keep her memories alive for her daughter! This is a mothers worse nightmare, and I feel your pain, but you have to remember the ones that are still alive and make sure you are there for them. My daughter was also murdered and the pain is unbearable, but it does, believe it or not, get easier as time goes on, just make sure her daughter doesn't get lost in the shuffle. God Bless. ~ Angel Emmy's Mommy


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