Smart meters will hurt us

Thank you for including the photo of a VSI Inc. technician installing Central Maine Power Co.'s new smart meters with the Nov. 23 story on health concerns slowing the process.

The fact that this man was wearing a special protective hood tells me this is very harmful technology.

At least the VSI Inc. employees won't get thyroid cancer, but what about the people who sleep on the other side of the wall?

People need to educate themselves about smart meters before the technology comes to their homes.

Sonya Tardif, West Paris

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To clarify: The reason why

To clarify: The reason why these meter installers are wearing this protective gear is because anytime one works around electrical equipment there is always a possibility of flash fires and electrical shorts.

The face shield,hood,gloves and other protective articles are worn to lower the risk from injury should this occur. It is mandated by National Electric Code and The National Fire Protection Association.

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Don't tell her they put fluoride in the water in some places, for mind control!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That sort of dispels the

That sort of dispels the theory that liberalism is the result of irresponsible inbreeding.


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