Canadian man pleads guilty to drug charge, pays fine, forfeits truck

FARMINGTON — A Canadian man who followed GPS directions to the Maine border with more than a pound of marijuana in his truck said in court Wednesday that he is never coming back to Maine, according to a prosecutor.

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Darrell Fudge

This trip cost Darrell Fudge, 54, of Newfoundland his 2003 Chevrolet Silverado truck, more than a pound of marijuana, a $400 fine and $90 in fees.

Fudge pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unlawful trafficking and criminal forfeiture late Wednesday afternoon, Assistant District Attorney Andrew Robinson said.

A felony drug-trafficking charge was dismissed in a plea agreement with the state, he said.

Fudge was arrested Sunday at the border in Coburn Gore when he followed GPS directions for the shortest route from the Province of British Columbia to Newfoundland.

That took him to the port of entry to Maine.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection stopped Fudge and his truck. Officers inspected the truck and found more than a pound of marijuana under some ice in a cooler.

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and Maine State Police handled the case and arrested Fudge.

The forfeited truck will go to the Maine State Police either to use or auction off, Robinson said.

“We considered the consequences of losing the vehicle, and paying the fine and having a conviction as sufficient, given the facts of the case,” Robinson said.

Fudge, who did not have his passport with him, told the court he thought the checkpoint was a toll bridge, Robinson said.

“He indicated he was never coming back and he never intended to be here in the first place,” Robinson said.

Fudge was given a ride to the border on Wednesday.

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 's picture

Property forfeiture laws are

Property forfeiture laws are nothing short of Fascism.
Most of the time the items are taken before there's even a conviction.

Who gains from these transactions? Why the arresting agency of course.
So the more property that's seize the more money the department gets.

These nonsense laws are so full of greed and corruption yet it is allowed to continue.
In the land of the free home of the brave where we are all supposedly innocent until proven guilty and protected by the Constitution.

It bothers me immensely why we allow these unconstitutional and immoral laws to remain.
If it could be argued in a court of law that the property was purchased with drug money and then only after a conviction then I might support some of these laws but it is clear this is not what's taking place.

When are Americans going to wake up and Demand that these laws stop? When are we going to demand a return to sound government? If we wish to remain a free nation and I use the term loosely we has better act quickly because time is running out.

 's picture


like he just bought his way out of jail.

 's picture

yeah right

So, if maybe he had a little more melanin and a truck full of bombs and a koran when he reached the border crossing, all he had to do was say "oops!" and we should just turn him away? Brilliant! Oh, and were you aware deportations are at their highest level, ever?


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