UPDATED: One hurt in wreck

AUBURN — The driver of a minivan was seriously injured Thursday night when the vehicle slammed into the side of a tractor-trailer on Kittyhawk Avenue.

Kittyhawk crash
Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Auburn firefighters and United Ambulance personnel transfer the driver of a minivan to a stretcher after the vehicle crashed into a Hart Transport semi trailer pulling out of a lot onto Kittyhawk Avenue in Auburn on Thursday. The minivan was traveling southeast on Kittyhawk toward Washington Street. The semi was taking a left turn toward Hotel Road.

Police and rescue crews responded to the crash near the intersection of Kittyhawk and First Flight Drive at about 6:15 p.m. The first police officer to arrive found both vehicles in the roadway and the driver of the minivan trapped inside the vehicle.

Fire and rescue crews tore the doors and part of the roof from the vehicle to free the victim, who was taken to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston with what were believed to be life-threatening injuries.

On Friday, police identified the driver of the minivan as 43-year-old Abdikadir Mohamed of Lewiston. He was alone in the van when he crashed.

It was unknown what caused the wreck. It appeared the driver of the Hartt Transportation tractor-trailer, identified as Brian Blanchard, 32, of Sabattus, was pulling from a lot onto Kittyhawk Avenue when the minivan, headed toward Washington Street, struck the truck with enough force to punch a hole in the side of the rig.

No skid marks could be seen at the accident scene.

The driver of another tractor-trailer, uninvolved in the wreck, said he drove up on the scene a short time after the vehicles crashed. He said the driver of a third vehicle had pulled to the side of the road and flashed his lights to warn oncoming motorists of the wreck. Beyond that, he did not know what led to the collision.

A Lewiston police officer went to the scene to assist with a reconstruction. The Maine State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division was also joining the investigation because of the tractor-trailer involved.

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 's picture

The test should be stricter,

The test should be stricter, yes. Do you remember your driving exam? Anybody who has been riding as a passanger in a car for some time could easily get a passing score on the exam.

Now, did this guy have a license? I doubt it. It doesn't matter though. I'm sure the state is going to pick up his medical bills, replace his car, and give him a nice big fruit basket.

 's picture

I think deep inside we all

I think deep inside we all know what caused the accident, I've had one or two close calls with mini-van drivers cutting me off in the wal-mart area....nuff said

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Bingo!! Kaos may have hit the

Bingo!! Kaos may have hit the bulls-eye.

 's picture

Somali or not

I hope he'll be ok.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I think we can all agree with

I think we can all agree with that, jpat

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

So, you're saying that

So, you're saying that Abdikadir Mohamed might not be a muslim Somali name? Well, then, I guess it's possilble that Howdy Doody doesn't have wooden balls,either.

GARY SAVARD's picture

MaineGrad, I don't think it's

MaineGrad, I don't think it's so much about kicking around a certain class of people as much as it's about what appears to be special treatment for said certain class of people. Most people have drivers licenses, and I would guess they remember what they had to know and do to prove themselves worthy of getting them. When, over and over, you see the obvious, that being that many of our refugee class didn't get drivers licenses under very strict circumstances, it makes one wonder.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Do you have proof that

Do you have proof that they're not getting special treatment in certain matters, oj?

GARY SAVARD's picture

Urban myth or common fact to

Urban myth or common fact to be plainly seen...call it what you want, people aren't blind.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Until we stop being PC and

Until we stop being PC and handing out drivers licenses to people that have no understanding of or regard for traffic laws and the rules of the road, this is going to continue being a common occurance.

 's picture

I can not count the times I

I can not count the times I have been cut off and/or almost driven into by a Somalian. driver. They do not know how to drive! On the few occassions I have had to drive down Lisbon street, each time, I have almost been hit by a Somolian driver cutting me off. No I am not singling these people out, I am stating a FACT!! And as Kaos stated....there is ALWAYS a cell phone to their ear!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It that's accurate; Jumpin'

It that's accurate; Jumpin' Freakin' WOW!!!

 's picture

cell phone

good chance he was screaming into his cell phone the somali are always on there phones they dont look where they are going no skid marks i wonder why drive around town every other car will be a somali screaming into there cells before i confirmed it was a somali i already knew - mini van lewiston accident = cell phone somali

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It explains why the name was

It explains why the name was witheld in the morning presentation in the SJ.


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