A bad decision

I write regarding the recent decision of the Auburn City Council to destroy the Great Falls School building. I have concerns as to the way that decision was reached by the councilors.

I, along with many from the community, plan to attend the next council meeting. I believe it is slated for Dec. 6 with a workshop session starting at 5:30 p.m., followed by the regular meeting at 7 p.m.

I would like to know why the council would spend $300,000-plus in tax dollars to destroy a building that Community Little Theatre would like to own.

Community Little Theatre has spent at least eight years trying to negotiate with the city to secure the building (and doing a very extensive and comprehensive feasibility study), yet the group was told "no" when it asked for time to work out a solution.

What’s the hurry in getting the building torn down by June 2011?

Why throw the baby out with the bath water?

Every single person who attends a show, participates in rehearsals (and there are many), not to mention the other tenants' patrons — they all spend money at area businesses. That's money the city will not see if the building is no longer there.

Believe me, I am sincerely grateful that I am not a taxpayer in Auburn any longer. To be represented by shortsighted individuals whose voting practices are unethical, at best, is an insult to the taxpayers/voters of the great city of Auburn.

Vikki D. Roy, Lewiston

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Give it the theater group. I

Give it the theater group.

I don't want another Gooseberry Barn fiasco. The city bought the Gooseberry property for 625,000, put money into the property, then sold it for 468,000. Plus they gave the buyer a TIF.

There will be cost overruns with the demolition, then what do we do with the land. Make another park that DPW has to maintain. Another park that adds nothing to area business.

Give it to the theater group!

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I have a novel idea Why not

I have a novel idea Why not have the CLT and all of their 'artist' friends go on tour like a traveling circus. (they could call it 'Great Falls Flying Circus'. Then we can say LA, thank God it's not happening here.

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i live here and i pay taxes

and i benefit from that building. my daughter attends dance lessons there my son plays floor hockey in the gymnasium and we attend the shows as a family. if the council had a public discussion about the demolition and AFTER PUBLIC INPUT they still decided to tear down the building id respect that. i wouldn't like it, but i would respect it. as it stands now i do not belive this is the will of the Auburn people.

if the councel was that concerned about $$$ they wouldn't be putting in new sidewalks in front of the place.


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