Lewiston driver remains in critical condition

AUBURN — A Lewiston man remained in critical condition Friday night after his minivan slammed into the side of a tractor-trailer on Kittyhawk Avenue the night before.

Police said Abdikadir Mohamed, 43, was driving toward Washington Street at about 6:15 p.m. Thursday when his van plowed into the Hartt Transportation rig.

When rescue crews arrived, Mohamed was unconscious behind the wheel of his vehicle. He was taken to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston where he remained Friday night.

It was unknown what caused Mohamed to crash into the side of the tractor-trailer driven by 32-year-old Brian Blanchard of Sabattus.

Blanchard was not hurt.

Because of the severity of Mohamed's injuries, Auburn police called for assistance from a reconstruction team. The crash remained under investigation. 

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"Driver remains in critical condition"

You bunch of inconsiderate apes. Of course there are many cultural activities we take for granted that are difficult for new immigrants to this country, and driving is one of them. Let me remind you that a man's life hangs in balance and maybe you ought to use a little holiday compassion, (because you don't use it the other 11 months), and for the religious among us...shame on you!

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Shame on me?

Where was your compassion when 19 US Soldiers died in Somali in '93? You probably didn't even bat an eyelash. those troops were their on a humanitarian mission. They died and their bodies dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, Where was your compassion then? I don't hate the Somalis but ill tell you this as a VET I don't have any respect for a race that has such little respect for human life as they do. so say what you want but until your in that situation you have no say!
They are like Leaches they are here until all the resources are dried up and than they will move to another City. Time to cut them off, Hell better yet time to just close our boarders to all and take care of our own before we try and help others and make ourselves Bankrupt.

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I would love to comment on

I would love to comment on this story but 'Fraulein Commandant' preaves, the Sun'Journal's Gaulliter would probably put me in the detention room and slap my knuckles with a ruler.

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this is a quote

"Lewiston, the city that has struggled for years ever since federal government contractors, such as Catholic Charities, chose it as a site for refugee resettlement " maybe the blame should be shifted towards the "CATHOLIC CHARITIES"???

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The somalis DID not choose Lewiston on their own, Atlanta was tired of supporting them so they started a television campaign telling them that Lewiston paid more in assistance and to move up north thats why there was such a sharp increase in the population. We have no one to blame for this but ourselves for letting this get out of hand.


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