Four trapped in car after driver loses control

DURHAM — A preliminary investigation into a one-vehicle crash on Pinkham Brook Road on Saturday in which four people were trapped inside their vehicle indicated a mechanical defect, police said.

Arthur Lane, 81, of Brunswick was driving a 2010 Toyota Prius north on Route 125 (Pinkham Brook Road) and was suddenly unable to control the steering, Androscoggin County Deputy Sheriff Jon Guay said.

Lane's vehicle careened off the right shoulder into a deep culvert, across a driveway and into another culvert, landing on the passenger side, Guay said. Fire and rescue personnel from Durham, assisted by Lisbon Emergency and Freeport Rescue, had to extricate the four victims from the vehicle, he said.

He said Lane, his wife Merilda, 80, and passengers Ronald Wood, 68, and his wife, Constance, 59, of Vassalboro all complained of pain in the chest and rib area and were taken to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

Lane's Toyota sustained $20,000 in damages and was demolished in the 3:33 p.m. crash, Guay said.

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 's picture

Over the years I have owned

Over the years I have owned many Toyota's, mostly Camry's. I think the problem over the last few years is simply after rising to to the top in the industry, Toyota stopped looking at Quality and concentrated more on the bottom line. In that end they fell into the past practices of the big three (Ford, General Motors & Chrysler) Money overrules quality. Which started their downward spiral.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

They'd have to use the jaws

They'd have to use the jaws of life to get me INTO one of those suckers.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Driving a Toyota is like

Driving a Toyota is like being told you have to eat vanilla ice cream for the rest of your life.
Chevrolet Corvette
Ford Mustang
Chrysler Challenger
Nissan Z370
Mazda RX8
Honda S2000
Audi R8
Toyota Sound of crickets off in the distance.

Brent Gammon's picture

Another example of Toyota

Another example of Toyota quality.

 's picture

It seems to me that in a lot

It seems to me that in a lot of the incidents involving the “stuck gas pedal” the drivers are in their 70’0s or older… I’m curious to see if that is what they blame this one on. I mean “mechanical defects” in a brand new car?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'd rather have a 75 year old

I'd rather have a 75 year old ahead of me than an 18 year old tailgating me.

Simon Diaz's picture

I'd be curious to know if

I'd be curious to know if indeed was something wrong with the car, or if the age of the driver had something to do with it. (preliminary could be as simple as asking the driver what happened)


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