Vista Drive light show a week away

AUBURN — Work setting up a Christmas light show on Auburn's Vista Drive continues but Dr. Jamie Loggins said it will still be a week before he's ready to light it.

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Val Nelson of Vista Drive, Auburn, mother of Jamie Loggins, sets up a Charlie Brown Nativity scene on Monday. The Loggins said they have had a lot of help from friends for the light show to go on early next week.

Loggins and neighbor Stephen Bang were busy setting up decorations on their front yards Monday.

"But we still have plenty of work to do," Loggins said.

The two neighbors have presented the show on their front lawns for the past few Decembers. They feature thousands of lights choreographed to holiday music broadcast on a low-power FM signal. People are invited to pull up to the curb, tune their car radio to the signal and enjoy the show.

Many have, prompting neighbors to complain to Loggins and to the city about traffic on their cul-de-sac.

Loggins has set up a Web site,, and said he'll update it regularly with news about the lights and schedules.

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You have missed the point.

You have missed the point. There are people who would argue that their concerns are much bigger than any traffic inconveniences. Whether it be about celebrating Christmas or whatever the event. So, we should stop whatever the event? Be it Christmas or whatever, so as to not be jerks to them.

Not to mention that emergency vehicles have tested the Vista lights congestion without incident for over 3 years now, for the millionth time, there is NO EMERGENCY VEHICLE ACCESS PROBLEM. In fact, there are those that live on Vista who claim to have no significant passage issue. The claims of the few on the street remain claims.

Those who go just to see the display, yes, they have a wait and congestion. Measures are in place and have been for many years for RESIDENTS and EMERGENCY VEHICLES to BYPASS THE CONGESTION.

Hope that clears things up.

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Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

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I don't have a problem with it, but

I don't have a problem with it, but if I lived there I would. And if the people putting on the show don't have everyone on the cul-de-sac on board with doing this, they are kinda being jerks for putting them through this.

 's picture

Nowhere on the sign does it

Nowhere on the sign does it read “local traffic only” – It simply reads ROAD CLOSED. If the Police Department would like to be clearer on the sign and not rely on a few big-mouth bloggers to spread their word, perhaps they should think about posting a more appropriate sign.

 's picture

What a bunch of negative nellies!

It's Christmas - stop bah humbugging this apparently fabulous light show...can't wait to go see it!

 's picture

You are either not a resident

You are either not a resident of the neighborhood or bent upon creating controversy. As you have been informed before on this very forum, that "road block" is specifically for residents. As a resident, you are allowed to pass. That is part of the many years of working with the police dept. and neighbors to alleviate inconvenience.

It seems that what you flat out REFUSE to do, is hear the facts.

 's picture

I noticed the "Road Closed"

I noticed the "Road Closed" sign sitting at the corner of Park and Lake, ready to be put up at a moments notice... As a resident of the neighborhood I flat out REFUSE to waste my time/gas to detor around that section of the road.

 's picture

Dr's JERKel & Dang Bang the

Dr's JERKel & Dang Bang the neighborhood pests are at it again.

 's picture

This means whoever lives

This means whoever lives around there has a week to get home, and stay there till the good Dr. is done obstructing traffic for a two mile radius.


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