Cheating is not learning

Cheating in our schools goes on every day. With cell phones that can directly access the Internet by Googling the questions, there is no need to fail any test. Or even a college entrance exam. 

What kind of person would do this? Someone who does not have any self respect and would cheat themselves by this dishonest practice. 

As a parent and grandparent, I find this unacceptable behavior and it needs to be stopped. 

Do you allow your child to cheat? Do you even know if your child is cheating? We all need to pay better attention.

Cheating is rampant in our schools and a fact of life for many students. They have no misgivings about it,  remorseful only if or when they get caught. They are hurting themselves by choosing to cheat this way. They are not learning, or obtaining a good education. 

Cheating prevents them from growing into responsible educated adults.

I fear this is the wave of the future.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That's why people cry when

That's why people cry when they apologize; not out of remorse, but because they got caught.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

But wait; there's more... The

But wait; there's more...
The above also has a positive side to it in regards to the benefits of self improvement. The person who got caught will now say to him/herself (don't want to be gender biased here), "I'll do a better job next time." (Of not getting caught, that is.).

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

LOL...Thanks for the kind

LOL...Thanks for the kind words, MO 4

 's picture

Get rid of laptops, too.

Angus K. created this money burner and John B. perpetuated it. Now we have a generation of teachers who can't run a class without their computers. In ten years the next generation won't be able to teach without a cell phone. The hype was always that these gadgets prepare our kids for good jobs that require high tech experience. While that hand was waving, the other hand was chasing away all those jobs. Most of those kids are prepared only for playing video games while collecting welfare.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

We've come a long from the

We've come a long from the days of being sent home for not wearing a belt, which back then, was in violation of the dress code. So, guess who would forget his belt any time he was in need of a little quality free time during school hours. If you guessed the parrot; you're close.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It was back when Levis jeans

It was back when Levis jeans and a white t-shirt were considered cool.
In fact, the parrot did wear a tie. But, he also insisted on wearing some silly Afro wig and other cosmetic alterations to his persona, hoping to pass himself off as a raven. Thankfully, he's outgrown all that nonsense.

Steve Bulger's picture


I don't dispute your take on how things ARE today. What I contend is that, unless the inmates are running the asylum, the school administration has the power to ban cell phones from classrooms and confiscate any that are brought into class. In my days as a student, a parent who needed to communicate with his/her child called the school office and had a note sent to the child's classroom asking little Johnny or Suzie to call home at the earliest possible moment. Worked fine. If the situation were of an emergency nature, the parent likely showed up at school and took the child out of class. Now as for absences, we had two types - excused and unexcused. The former included medical/dental/optical appointments (which required presentation of an appointment card), birth or death of an immediate family member, and flu, severe cold or other illness (which required documentation from your healthcare provider). Everything else was unexcused. And if a student accumulated too many unexcused absences, he or she either received a reduction in final grade or was deemed to have too few hours of instruction to advance to the next grade or to graduate, whichever the case may be. For the past forty years, the increasingly liberal, laissez-faire attitude of school teachers and administrators have produced a crop of students (some are now parents of students while others are now teachers) that feel they are ENTITLED to good grades and graduation simply because they showed up for some of their classes. Discipline, both at home and at school, seems to have gone the way of the vinyl record - still utilized by a few but ridiculed and trashed by many. If this is the shape of things to come, it is possible that Orwell's works were more prophetic than satirical.

 's picture

Mary Jane, it's a learning

Mary Jane, it's a learning process. By utilizing their cell phones these students are learning to cheat and improving their skills at deception both at the same time. This in the future could make them excellent intelligence operatives, lawyers & politicians.

Steve Bulger's picture

Cell phone in school

Cheating in school is reprehensible behavior that warrants severe disciplinary action. One of the contributing factors - cell phones in class - is controllable: don't allow students to have cell phones in the classroom. Confiscate any that are found, and begin grade reductions for repeat offenders. There is absolutely no justifiable reason for a student to have a cell phone in class.

 's picture


I agree with you Mary, and if an individual does do this their on the road to be a successful politician.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Let me see if I can explain

Let me see if I can explain it to you this way, Rusty...
Before becoming a Pirate, I thought of running for political office, but then, I remembered that when I got out of jail the last time, I promised my mother I'd never go back to a life of crime.
Hope that defines it for you.


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