Legion Hall in Paris to hold last bingo game

PARIS — The weekly bingo game at Foster Carroll American Legion Post 72 will come to an end Tuesday, Dec. 14. The hall has hosted bingo for 47 years beginning in 1963.

A sign on the American Legion Post 72 hall advertises the weekly bingo game. After 47 years, the post will host its final game on Dec. 14.

Gilbert Turner, who runs the bingo game, said attendance is so low the event has been losing money for the post rather than raising it. “I was going to try to go to the end of the month, but we've lost too much money in the last couple of weeks,” Turner said.

On Tuesday night, he decided to end bingo after just one more game. Turner said bingo halls have been getting lower attendance in recent years and that the economy is a big factor. “Bingo, overall is declining,” he said on Wednesday.

Most nights, the hall sees 30 or fewer players, down from 45 to 50 just two years ago, he said.

“Bingo games payed for a lot of our programs,” such as scholarships and community projects, Turner said

He said the Legion still makes money renting out the hall for parties, wedding receptions, church meetings and other events.

Doors open at 4 p.m. and the games begin at 6 p.m. Before that, players socialize and eat food served at the Legion's lunch counter.


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