Accept other people's wishes

I'm starting to get annoyed with the religious argument that has been coming up every year. This year it seems to be in full force with people yelling about "Happy Holidays" and, "It's called a Christmas tree."

People should be allowed to celebrate and say what they wish without other people getting offended, because of the kindness that is behind the words.

As an atheist, I don't celebrate this holiday season because of a higher power. I celebrate because it is a joyous time when people are happy and the family is able to get together.

If someone wishes someone else a Merry Christmas,  it should be accepted, and followed by, "Thank you. You, too." If it is known that the person is Jewish, then wish a "Happy Hanukkah!" back.

Someone should not be offended if someone else wishes to call his decorated tree something other than a Christmas tree. Christmas has its roots, as does Hanukkah, and all the other religious holidays, but how a person chooses to celebrate it in his home is up to the individual.

Out in public, people should accept other people's wishes to have a happy, joyous time this holiday season.

Ethan Masselli, Lisbon

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Ethan Masselli's picture

Oh my..

Your comment seems to be very stern. This comment is very hateful, and does not reflect the meaning or anyones Christmas, Holiday, or Kwanzaa. I'm actual not "celebrating the birth of [said] Christ", I am celebrating being with my family and friends that I love. You may want to believe everyone is worshiping your God, but in reality we are not dear. Please stop cramming your beliefs down our throats, and let us enjoy this holiday season, it's been a rough year. Thank you.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Ethan: The parrot sez your

The parrot sez your letter makes too much sense. "What's your real angle?", he wants to know; you know, the hidden meaning. 0O:-)


Politically Correct Carols

I'm Dreaming of a Race Immaterial Non-Religious- Specific Day-Off in Winter
O Little Town of Israeli-Palestinian Joint Rule
O Come Let us Adore Him or Her
We Three Misogynist Autocrats of Eastern Asia are
O holiday tree
Have yourself a merry little day of winter
Frosty the snowperson
Chestnuts roasting over a safely contained, continuously monitored, eco-friendly, nontoxic outdoor fire (for which I do have a permit)
Higher power rest ye merry gentlemen
Grandma got allegedly run over by an unidentified non-human perpetrator
Deck the halls with boughs of undamaged foliage (If office policy approves)
Hark! The herald mythical winged creature sings
I saw mommy greeting santa claus with a purely platonic expression of inoffensive mutual affection
I'll be home for a short time in December

Ethan Masselli's picture

Same here

I ran into an instance like this at work as well. It's what compelled me to write it in the first place.


The other 1%.

Ethan, your letter describes 99% of the people in our country - they don't make a big deal and do practice live and let live. It's the other 1% who try to spoil the season for the rest. They are those bitter, caustic and, unfortunately, very vocal folks who can't begin to be happy unless they are telling the rest of us what to think and what can be said out loud, how to behave and, especially, how to worship. Don't turn the other cheek - it just encourages them. Instead, avoid them altogether whenever possible - they thrive on attention. When you can't avoid them, cross the street, turn off the TV or radio, close the newspaper, or shut off your computer. Merry Christmas!


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