Beware the LePage cuts

When senior citizens, who are depending on their Social Security checks as their only source of income, hear the word "denied," to a one-time stimulus $250 check to help them out because they have not had a cost of living increase for the past two years, one can be assured that many low-income families will be pushed back into poverty during the next two years.

If you look back before Obama, former President George W. Bush put us all into this great depression. The unjust war in Iraq has plummeted us into a giant quicksand hole that we might never be able to get out of.

Who will suffer the most? The children, elderly and the disabled.

As for the rich? Many will do everything in their power to get there.

For example, Sarah Palin, quitting being governor of Alaska just to boost her bankroll with speeches and book and television reality deals. Even Bush, who left a sinking Washington behind, moving into his new multi-million dollar home and a fat check waiting for him for the book he is now promoting.

Mainers, beware of Republican Paul LePage and his new Republican cronies who will be governing our state. They will make major cuts into programs that will be affecting the poorest of Maine citizens — the elderly, children and those who are disabled.

Rolande Caron, South Paris

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It has been said before

And should be said again. If Lepage wants to really help our state then he should move to cut the size of our State Legislature and Senate down in size. This is where the States waste is located. Sixteen counties > 16 reps and 16 state senators. To get the odd vote give the extra senate seat to the largest populated area and the extra rep seat the largest county that is largest land area. That would make both houses at 17. The savings would be in the millions. Then look at the RSU restructuing calamity. Is there going to be a real savings? I don't think so! Because the Dept. of Ed and our outgoing Governor made the mistake of saying that their would be no school closings. They have said that systems within this new RSU that have schools within an 8 mile radius will combine then you would have true savings. Common sense.

 's picture

Gov Palin saved Alaskan tax

Gov Palin saved Alaskan tax payers millions in legal fees brought on by Dem operatives who had parachuted into Alaske to "dig" up as much dirt and legal challenges as they could find. Or invent.
Mr Caron you conveniently forget Sen Dodd who announced his retirement after the bogus healthcare (stealthcare) bill was made into law. Mr Dodd is retiring to his estate in Ireland. (I'll give you a hint, it's a castle) Or HOW did Bill and Hillary go from owing MILLIONs in legal fees to being worth in excess of 100 million in six years? I guess we won't mention Charlie Wrangle, or Bawney Fwank. What is their real worth. What about....Al Gore....who loses, grows a beard.....becomes unhinged....establishes a new religion....wins a Nobel prize for it and who knows how much He is worth trading Carbon Credits that is a currency he helped invent, which many now worship.....How about O'Bama, he ANNOUNCES for president and writes a book and immediately makes millions based on a biography that may have been FICTION. And, he wins a NOBEL prize for not being George Bush. Jeez. They are all the same, we need to get rid of these people, they thrive on Power like vampire bats. Because....its a good career....write books....make lots of money....say what you NEED to say to be re-elected. Hey what a deal. But....WE are paying for it. Time to Cut them off. Incidentally, Social Security has become a LIE.

 's picture

you go, Gil!

GREAT posts, and I don't understand how anyone could/would argue with you!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot seems to think "on

The parrot seems to think "on principle" would be a good reason. Typical liberal, eh?

Yeah Gil

Drug testing before for those getting food stamps and other assistance from the state. No extra money for those women having multiple children to get extra monies. One mistake is forgivable. Two is a no,no. The men who do the fathering should be paying the support price tag wehter married or not. If the female refuses to expose the father then no benefits should be given. There are many areas Gil that should be changed but will they. I doubt it because everyone is afraid of the whiners.

 's picture

you people are insane

you people are insane

 's picture

you people are insane

you people are insane

 's picture


"They will make major cuts into programs that will be affecting the poorest of Maine citizens — the elderly, children and those who are disabled." It's so much easier to pick on those least able to defend themselves!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

How about a little Brie with

How about a little Brie with the whine, Lilly?

 's picture

It's OK.

They gave our $250 check to millionaires and billionaires where it was most needed.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Are you aware, Woody, that

Are you aware, Woody, that Pingree and Michaud, a couple of democRATS, by voting against the tax bill, voted against the tax cuts for the middle class?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Your boy,oBAMa, could have

Your boy,oBAMa, could have authorized it by Executive Order, but he didn't did he?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Does Rolande even have a clue

Does Rolande even have a clue as to why there were no Social Security increases for the last two years? Probably not, but here goes: The annual COLA (cost of living increases) for Social Security recipients are directly tied to increases in the rate of inflation in the cost of living index. Since no increases in the rate of inflation were recorded for the last two years, thus, no raises for Social Security recipients. As far as denial of the $250 one time stimulus payment to offset this absence of a Social Security raise, you'll have to talk to your buddy, oBAMa, about that one, Rolande. The "denial" took place on HIS watch not Georg Bush's.
What, exactly, do you have against the rich, Rolande? Have you ever had a paycheck that was signed by a homeless person? Did you ever have one that was signed by someone who's salary was $39,000 a year? The rich are what make this country go, Rolande. They pay 80% of all taxes in this country. Why shouldn't they be allowed to participate in the BUSH tax cuts just like the rest of us? You'd probably see it differently if you were worth $30 million.

RONALD RIML's picture

Oversimplifications 'R Us...... C'mon Pirate Geeesh.....

Denial of the $250 Social Security Raise? Obama's proposal last May didn't get to his desk for signature because the Republicans in the Senate (Champions of Fat Cats Everywhere) shot it down.

Last week it again went to the House -

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

"A House bill that would have authorized a one-time $250 check to seniors, veterans and the disabled who collect Social Security was defeated in the House Wednesday. The bill was proposed to give citizens on the dole a boost because no cost-of-living increase, or Social Security COLA, was enacted for 2011. Republicans argued that the $14 billion in deficit spending required was out of the question."

We have nothing against the Rich. We simply don't want them getting richer yet at our expense. And yes - my paycheck has been signed by homeless people - as has yours. They get nailed for many more taxes than the 'Income Tax" which they somehow pay to pave and po-lice....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"The bill was proposed to

"The bill was proposed to give citizens on the dole"....The dole? Am I the only one who finds that reference, as it pertains to Social Security recipients, offensive?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"And yes-my paycheck has been

"And yes-my paycheck has been signed by homeless people"
What am I missing here? Clarify that, please. And you're wrong about the Pirate. I've never had the pleasure of a homeless person signing a single one of my paychecks. Unless you're being metaphorical in a sly sort of way....

RONALD RIML's picture

Yep - every homeless who pays a 'Sin Tax' ...

Or cadges a ride with one of their buddies and gives 'em a buck for gas - eventually that $$ funneled through the coffers of Guv'mint to policing and paving. Our paychecks, Lad....

Don'tcha ever forget the liddle folks we worked for.....

 's picture

Oh, the POOR rich

We pick on them mercilessly. When they slap us down, like Pirate, we should smile and say "Thank You." We shouldn't begrudge Pirate's gift of a second Mercedes for his wife, parked in his four-bay garage with his BMW and his cool little Spider. Nor should we mind when Pirate checks his Rolex to make sure he gets to the office on time once a week to sign the checks for the little people who work to line his pockets while he pays sub-standard wages with no benefits. We should smile, kiss his diamond rings and say "Thank You oh Worthy Master."

RONALD RIML's picture

Jist who'se backs d'ja think they got rich offa??

Don't think it was the Romanians.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Ahh, but, Woody. The Pirate

Ahh, but, Woody. The Pirate is a pirate of very modest means. I mean, with the economy and all, the pickings are pretty slim out there.

RONALD RIML's picture

No Pavin' - er Plunder yer Way??

Stimulus 'Black-topped' half the Boothbay Peninsula.....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

More to come in the spring,

More to come in the spring, too.

Buy American

can"t be done anymore. It's the greedy wealthy americans who own the big companies that take their manufacturing outside our boundaries for cheap labor costs and add the profit to their pockets and eliminate jobs here in the US and the Feds let them get away with it. When I say Feds I mean all those elected officials that we voted into office to make the right decisions. Well, they don't. They don't contribute to Social Security but they will live good after they retire from office won't they. Who pays their insurance premiums, who pays for their hobnobbing around the country. Eliminate party offiliations. Wonder what would happen?


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