What's the rush in Auburn?

On Monday, Dec. 20, the Auburn City Council will be considering a change to the agricultural zoning that could allow slaughterhouses to be located in up to 50 percent of the city.

This change, as currently proposed, would allow a slaughterhouse in the AG zone, the rural residential zone and the industrial zone. Currently slaughterhouses are allowed only in the industrial zone.

There are currently no restrictions in the amendment that would limit the size of the operation or the hours of operation.

The Auburn Planning Board has reviewed the request twice. The board set a workshop for Dec. 28 to discuss possible amendments. Instead of waiting for the recommendation of the board, the city manager has chosen to hastily add the issue to the Dec. 20 meeting.

I do not know why and this is clearly not the normal procedure. This change will impact the entire AG zone and RR zone, but the change is being requested by a party that is interested in opening a slaughterhouse at 512 Trapp Road. There is currently a structure that was previously operated briefly as an accessory use by this same party. That venture failed.

I am an abutter to 512 Trapp Road. Anyone who lives in the AG zone or the RR zone in Auburn could end up with a slaughterhouse in the neighborhood one day if we don't attend this meeting.

Kenneth Bellefleur, Auburn

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Where is Patty when you need her...

Terry Donald's picture

There is a hurry

So says our new administration. Don't delay approve new businesses right away! Don't worry about any ramifications, any possible negatives, or any business intruding on the rights of surrounding property owners to enjoy the use of their property as it was purchased.
It's all important to streamline the process to add a few jobs! Perhaps if the slaughterhouse is turned down the owner can propose a hazardous waste processing facility, or maybe a nudge donut shop.


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