Rumford police direct traffic during power outage

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Rumford police officer Ian Theriault directs traffic on Route 108 on Friday afternoon at the end of Congress Street. The traffic lights failed during a power outage that lasted about 70 minutes. A Central Maine Power Co. official said equipment failure caused the outage that affected Rumford and Mexico. A wire came down in Rumford, he said.

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JASON JOLIN's picture

the ad

isnt the ad from miqi888 an illegal advertisement on here?

 's picture

It takes so much energy to be

It takes so much energy to be so negative. Not to mention it can shorten your life. To get up everyday and be a grumpy old man is just not healthy.

All went well

But I wonder what would have happened if a call came in for the need of a policeman at the time of directing traffic? Would the chief have gone out? No doubt the detectives were busy on the over abundance of cases. Time for a restructuring. Isn't it ?

Poor T

Not life long , but rather unfortunately. But of course you wouldn't understand this fact of life because you don't know the mailman well enough so why not downgrade . Feel sorry for people like you.


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