Oxford Hills businesswoman pleads guilty to $4 million MaineCare fraud

PARIS — A Harrison woman who owns businesses and property in Norway pled guilty Friday to stealing $4 million from MaineCare.

Oxford County jail

Dawn Solomon

Dawn Cummings Solomon admitted to charges she, through her Living Independence Network Corporation, overbilled the state for hours and expenses since January 2006, according to Michael Miller, director of the Attorney General's Healthcare Crimes Unit.

“What she was doing was inflating the actual hours of service that were provided” through LINC, which provided services for children with mental retardation, autism and other disabilities.

Solomon was president, shareholder and treasurer of the company, Miller said. According to Miller, Solomon committed billing fraud to the tune of $80,000 a month in 2006. In 2007, she was up to $107,000 a month; in 2008, it was $134,000, Miller said.

Miller said that through billing fraud alone, Solomon bilked the state for more than $4 million. She said Solomon also submitted false costs and expenses on expense reports from caretakers.

Solomon pled guilty to theft by deception, a Class C felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Her sentencing is set for February. Solomon's attorney and the State made a plea agreement for an eight year sentence with all but 40 to 60 months suspended, plus four years of probation and up to $4 million restitution to the MaineCare program, Miller said.

Solomon's husband, Harvey Solomon, declined to comment Monday on the charges filed against his wife.

The office of Dawn Cummings Solomon's business, Opal Consulting LLC on Main Street in Norway was raided in June. Witnesses saw agents going in and out of her offices at 172 Main Street.

Agents from the Office of the Maine Attorney General, Maine State Police, the Oxford County Sheriff's Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Office of the U.S. Inspector General, Health and Human Services division were involved in the raid.


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Larry LaBossiere's picture

Health Care Fraud and General Fraud at Local Government Levels

Anytime the government is responsible for the management of anything you can be assured that there will be tons of fraud and extremely poor oversight at all levels. If you have read the local papers over the past few years you have seen the same thing in several towns in the area.

Thomas Maher's picture

A new Republican

Perhaps she can get work release to be on Mr. Nuttings staff. No, maybe not, he might not like her making his Million and a half look like small change.

In all fairness though, why should they prosecute her if not Mr. Nutting?

 's picture


We have hospitals laying off staff and combining departments since Mainecare reimbursement is little to none.. Putting hardworking staff out of a job after many years of service. This bimbo needs to be prosecuted to the fullest. Make an example of her so that people won't continue to suck dry a system designed to help people in need. maybe if there were plans in place to double check the hours charged vs the hours actually worked, we wouldn't be in this situation. $4 million would at least make a minimal dent in the amount the state owes the local hospitals. especially if there are many more out there.. Let's get tough on criminals because that it what she is.. any future earnings she makes a portion should be sent in to lower her debt..If she owns property, make her sell it. garnish any wages she may someday earn.. Of course I think a jail sentence is in order as well.

AL PELLETIER's picture

mentally III

Is obviously MENTALLY ILL!! Please disregard this mysterious idiot.

 's picture

Mentally Ill?

Are you mentally retarded? Seriously... I would like to know the answer to that if you don't mind. It is the only logical conclusion I can come to after reading your varied posts. And no, I'm by no means a Republican so I am not the monster under your bed.

AL PELLETIER's picture

as low as it gets

Stealing from needy children. Stealing from the community, tax payers and the State. How bad can it get? The 4 million in restitution and a little jail time is not enough. What about the cost to us tax payers for the police team that took them down, the cost for the State prosecuting attorneys and the cost for her incarceration. The care that children were deprived of is a crime by itself. If you over bill the State 4 million for services for mentally challenged children, you also deprive them of that amount of care. 4 million in restitution is the amount that was over charged and 4 million is amount of child care that was never provided. Adds up to 8 million to me and 5 years in the big house to think about the rip off sounds right to me also. I hope the judge handing down the sentence reads this post and many more that will follow


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