Woman accused in husband's murder pleads not guilty, denied bail

PARIS — A Mexico woman charged with murder in connection with her husband's death pleaded not guilty Tuesday morning.

Oxford County jail

Gayla Sheldon

Gayla Sheldon, 24, was charged with two counts of murder, criminal conspiracy, criminal solicitation and hindering apprehension or prosecution of suspects. During her appearance in district court, she was denied bail and will remain at the Oxford County Jail.

Sheldon was indicted last week in the deaths of her estranged husband, Victor Sheldon, and Roger Day in Rumford on Aug. 3, 2009. An Oxford County grand jury heard evidence from Richard A. Moulton, 21, who was dating Sheldon at the time of the deaths, and Eric Hamel, 20.

Both Moulton and Hamel have pleaded guilty to murder. Both men agreed to testify against others involved in the murders. Hamel faces up to 50 years in prison. Moulton, who entered a guilty plea in November, faces up to 40 years.

Sheldon's indictment and a warrant for her arrest were sealed Friday until her arrest because prosecutors in the Maine Attorney General's Office feared she might flee if she knew about the indictment.

According to a warrant for her arrest, Sheldon intentionally caused the deaths of her estranged husband and Roger Day. The conspiracy charge alleges she agreed with Moulton and/or Hamel to cause the crime of murder against both victims.

The criminal solicitation charge alleges Sheldon "made it probable the crime of murder would take place," according to the warrant.

Sheldon is also accused of trying to hide, prevent or delay Moulton and Hamel from being caught and punished for the crimes, but court records do not specify how she tried to prevent authorities from catching the two men.

Paris attorney John S. Jenness was appointed as Sheldon's counsel. Jenness had no comment on the case Tuesday.


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 's picture

my prayers are for the Day

my prayers are for the Day and Sheldon family, Gayla can rot in hell.

 's picture

disagree all you want.She's

disagree all you want.She's in jail and her kids are better off.

Glen Hance's picture

This is a bunch of bull!

The police had already told her that at some point they would be doing this and she never ran or anything so trying to say they kept the indictment seal because they were afraid she was going to flee is a crock (Det Hainey). A little message to the police and accusers Quit lying and tell the facts as they are cause your not going to save your own butts by doing so and Gayla will be found NOT GUILTY


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