LePage needs loyalty, but also straight talk

There are many things that can be said about Gov.-elect Paul LePage's decision to hire his daughter for his office staff.

She isn't even six months out of college and will work at a pay rate that would be the envy of other new grads in this state, $41,000 per year. For that matter, it would be an appealing salary to many Mainers who have worked their whole lives.

And, yes, she is essentially without job experience. Other than a scant few months working on the campaign, combined with some short stints working in retail and in a restaurant, she has no professional experience at all.

She clearly is not the most qualified person for the job unless, of course, you consider the one highly valued quality of knowing her father's mind.

Finally, in a period of tight budgets, cutbacks in government services and furlough days, her appointment does seem a little out of touch with the mood of the electorate.

It doesn't just seem like "business as usual," but business worse than usual.

On the other hand, LePage supporters say she "earned her stripes" during the campaign and deserves the job.

Clearly, if this is the worst and most controversial decision Paul LePage makes over the next four years, he will be remembered as a miracle worker.

We will only raise one cautionary point at this time, and it's about a word we have heard repeatedly during this appointment process — loyalty.

More so than any governor we can remember, loyalty seems to have become a key qualification for this administration.

LePage himself has explained several times that he expects reforming Maine state government to be contentious and that the battles ahead will not be for the faint of heart.

The new governor is devoted to changing the way state government works, and much of that agenda no doubt will be vehemently opposed by Democrats and state employees.

So, LePage does need decisive people who can stand up to the pressures that will result from his ambitious agenda.

At the same time, the state does not need a governor surrounded by a group of yes men, yes women and yes daughters.

Loyalty is necessary, but sometimes the most important form of loyalty is an adviser with the courage to tell the boss he's dead wrong.

In 2005, Doris Kearns Goodwin published a book about another Republican, Abraham Lincoln.

"Team of Rivals" outlines Lincoln's "political genius" of appointing to his cabinet three men who had run against him for president.

Lincoln felt that conflicting opinions and personalities provide a commander and chief with the widest range of advice and opinions for making decisions.

None of which means that Paul LePage should have appointed Eliot Cutler or Libby Mitchell to his cabinet, nor does it suggest they would have accepted such an appointment.

But a governor needs to hear all views, whether he wants to hear them or not.

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RONALD RIML's picture

What would George do????

No problem with a little nepotism, as long as you keep it in the family.....

Paul LePage should get a few pointers from fellow Republican and former Illinois Governor George Ryan. Old George really knew how to play the system with patronage, kickbacks, nepotism, bribes - the whole nine yards!!! His brother was my mayor when I was a cop.

He can give him a call at (812) 238-1531

That's the Federal Correctional Institution at Terre Haute, Indiana. I don't have George's 'Inmate Number' - and I don't know when he can take calls - but tell Paul he works in the 'Green-house'

Ron Dexter's picture


Good post Veritas!

RONALD RIML's picture

That an American Staffordshire you got there...


Ron Dexter's picture


She is an American Bulldog.

AL PELLETIER's picture

these coments

Do you all think Lepage cares about these comments? Considering he said he would tell Obama to go to hell, I think not.

 's picture


Of course he doesn't care about these comments, but you would think he'd at least wait to be sworn in before telling all the Maine citizens to go to hell.

 's picture

no excuses

No excuses, no rationalization, NO BRAINS!
This was an idiotic move. Just no other way to put it. LePage hired his unqualified ADULT daughter who will already be living off the taxpayer in the Blaine House to do a job which if examined closely will be shown to be a completely unnecessary position. Fiscally responsible?? Not in any way shape or form. This is not even old school politics as usual, this is just stupidity.

Ron Dexter's picture


If $29K is not enough after 30 years, why do you stick with it? If it is something you love to do, then there should no quibling about what this girl is going to be paid. I graduated college in '06 after many years in the Air Force and my first job out of school paid me about the same as this young lady will make - and my experience had little to do with the position I took.

 's picture

You may not have heard...

Jobs are kinda hard to come by these days. So when you have one, you kinda hate to give it up.

 's picture

The worst part is that his

The worst part is that his daughter, with no experience is starting at $41,000. When I was hired by the state, I had 12 years of experience in the specific job for which I was hired, with the addition of a masters degree earned prior to the hiring, and the starting salary was $34,000. And LePage wonders why his credibility is in doubt?

 's picture

This I must respond to as my flight is cancelled got time

Tron, your "concept" of "helping" the country and of course this destitute state has been to stay home sitting day and night in front of a computer paid for by working tax payers while you contribute nothing beyond irritating said taxpayers with name calling and insults while cashing welfare checks backed said taxpayes with their hard earn dollars taken from them against their wills in the form of taxes. Tron, putting your name on here as a neon banner over your name is a very dangerous thing to be doing especially when the only ones the hard working people left reading this rag will be reading will be you and those like you to enrage them as the economy continues to be dragged down by (I really love this) One, Big Ass Mistake America, OBAMA. There are more and more violent crimes of rage and of desperation taking place and it won't be getting any better, hate to see you become a statistic Tron because of your mouth on a keyboard via the SJ forums. Lots of people out there tired of supporting people like you Tron. People tired of working for nothing, or worse losing their jobs and everything else while the likes of you sit warm and cozy inf front of a computer day and night typing away on a computer just twisting the knife.

 's picture


Personal attacks are only permitted against those who are no longer members, isn't that right patti? How many have you got "VERIFIED" so far?

 's picture

You may be right about Tron

But, your comments appear to just be the rants of a bitter, hateful, and ignorant person.


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