Rumford policemen Maifeld, Winson promoted

RUMFORD — Five days before Christmas, two town police officers received early presents by being promoted.

They also had the required experience to be shift supervisors, Chief Stacy Carter said on Wednesday afternoon.

On Dec. 20, Carter promoted Cpl. Douglas Maifeld to sergeant and Patrolman Lawrence Winson to corporal.

“We had the promotion because Sgt. Bean retired,” Carter said.

After a 25-year career, Sgt. Bean retired on Nov. 22.

“That left a vacancy for a sergeant's position,” Carter said. “You have to have at least three years on with us to become eligible to apply, and Officer Maifeld was the only candidate interested in the position.”

Maifeld was promoted to corporal in September 2008.

“With Officer Maifeld's promotion, that left a vacancy at the corporal rank and Lawrence Winson was eligible for corporal. With corporal, you have to have at least two years on with the department,” Carter said.

Maifeld was hired by the Rumford Police Department in May 1988 as a reserve officer. In February 1990, he was hired full time and graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro in the fall of 1990.

He was trained to be a Drug Abuse Resistance Education instructor in September 1993, and is also an intoxilyzer instructor, among other department jobs such as creating and maintaining the department's website.

On March 26, 1998, Maifeld was honored with being one of two officers in Maine to be the first inducted into the Maine Law Enforcement Torch Run Hall of Fame.

He was inducted for more than a decade of dedicated service to the Torch Run and for helping to further the goals of Special Olympics Maine.

Winson was hired part time in August 2005 and full time in March 2006. Before working for Rumford, he worked for Dixfield.

According to a short biography on the department website, he enjoys doing patrols to get impaired drivers off the road and “feels there is no greater job than being a police officer.”

Winson graduated from the criminal justice academy in December 2006 and is currently one of the department's Taser instructors and a member of the department's Honor Guard.

Winson also has a goal of someday having a police dog on patrol.

Carter said the rank of corporal was created in September 2008 when the department began using that rank for supervisors.

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 's picture

Giving Honor Where Honor Is Due

To those citizens in a community who seldom have the conscious need of law enforcement assistance, PLEASE REMEMBER that these individuals who have diligently trained for and been appointed to our safety, protection, education and peaceful living, are just as worthy of our acknowledgement and recognition for their service as those holding national military positions on the battlefield. Every time they put on that uniform to serve us (and oftentimes when not in uniform, on duty-just because of the role they fill) they are putting their lives on the line! They all have friends and loved ones; most have children and spouses who know the certain reality that stands behind a wife's playfully-honest statement "don't make me rich tonite, babe" (which translates-"be safe, my prayers are with you") as her husband leaves home to go to work. Citizens, please don't wait til a day comes that you do need their assistance to say "thank you Officer ..." , or worse, if the day comes to honor them because their lives and their service to us have ended "in the line of duty". A true doctor or nurse who is "off the clock" will not refuse to help someone in need, neither will a law enforcement officer who is truley a "public servant". Gob bless and keep safe all our law enforcement officers and their families. THANK YOU for your SERVICE!

Jack Kaubris's picture

Thank you gentlemen.

Congratulations to two of Rumford's finest! Thank you for what you do every single day.

 's picture


Rumford is lucky to have such a good police force. Congratulations on the promotions.

 's picture

Congratulations to both Officers

Congrats to both of you and well deserved.

 's picture

Congratulations to both officers.



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