Time to legalize cannabis

This is in response to the letter "An exclusionary practice" by Patricia Soderholm, printed Dec. 26.

There have been problems in every one of the 15 states that have legalized medical cannabis (marijuana) for sick citizens, mostly because of government red tape. The best way to eliminate all that red tape is to completely legalize cannabis.

Legalizing the relatively safe, extremely popular, God-given plant cannabis for all responsible adults would mean citizens who wish to use the plant for medical purposes would not need to navigate government requirements to pay extortion money to government for protection from police.

It’s obviously time to legalize cannabis and regulate it, like alcohol, because it is here for the duration of time.

Stan White, Dillon, Colo.

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 's picture

Prohibition doesn't work.

Never has, never will. People will do what they want to do. I think society is better served by making cannabis legal and safe. This would remove the rebel mysticism and teenage use would actually decline. Look at all the crime associated with the drug trade. It is a direct parallel with the crime associated with the prohibition of alcohol. Alcohol was legalized and all that crime went away. Obviously there are still societal problems associated with alcohol but we are working on them and gaining ground. We can apply all those lessons learned to the legalization of marijuana. Much of our prison space is occupied by people convicted of drug crimes associated with marijuana. Legalization of of marijuana would go a long way towards reducing prison overcrowding. It's a victim-less crime. If I choose to smoke pot in a responsible manner, I am not hurting anyone.

 's picture

I would be more apt to say

I would be more apt to say decriminalize but not legalize. To legalize would create new government posts, czars, tons of legislation, lawyers drooling in the background, and the intrusive fist of the government in what it views as the new cash cow. To decriminalize would save court costs and policing efforts without creating new government entities to suck money from the people.

 's picture

The problem with your

The problem with your reasoning is the unintended impact it would have on others around the user. Having worked in EMS and healthcare for many years, I have seen first hand the impacts on nonusers. Users will use, then drive, cause an accident, harming or killing someone else. Loss of productivity at work, diverting income from the household. Alcohol keeps being added into the conversation. It is also very destructive. But society's tolerance of alcohol abuse has rapidly decreasing. Drinking and driving is not tolerated at all anymore because of the social impact. And you are advocating for it to be legal to use any drug? I'd rather see the war go on.

RONALD RIML's picture

You obviously broke the cardinal rule...

"Everything in Moderation"

K0NPHL1C7 writes: [i]"I didn’t “try” weed, I smoked it faithfully, every day for about 10 years, so I know first hand just how bad it really is"[/i]

"It" isn't bad - you're immoderate and uncontrolled use of it was.

Also applies to food, drink, alcohol, tobacco, religion, work, play, etc, etc......


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