Won't thank Republicans

This is in response to the letter from Thomas Shields (Dec. 30) with the headline "Give thanks to Republicans."

Why should I be thankful for Republicans? Republicans got the nation into the mess it is in. They demanded the same tax breaks for the rich that the middle class has. Those tax breaks, given to the rich, will put this country into further debt that it already is. The middle class will suffer in the end because of that. Just because the Republicans need their coffers filled.

Shields was way off base when he talked about class warfare. Republicans declared war on middle-class America when they held unemployment benefits hostage, and only agreed to pass that if tax breaks were extended to the rich. Where is the fairness in that?

The Americans who are unemployed because of the economy are in that position because of Republican policies.

When you come down to it, the rich make more money than the rest of us, therefore they can afford to pay higher taxes. If you make more, you should pay more.

End of story.

Nicholas St. Hilaire, Auburn

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Jack Tetreault's picture


We get the govt we deserve and vote for. Spending is on our heads. We encourage our reps to get the most they can for us. Until we internalize the idea that we should only get what we can pay for we the people are going to sustain the mess we are in. The BUCK stops with us. The TEA Party has the right idea. If only the majority of us could do the same. Credit is good only if you pay it off every month or at the very least don't increase it beyond your ability to make the monthly payments.
This is not a Democrat or Republican issue this is a "WE THE PEOPLE ISSUE".

Best regards to all,

Jack Tetreault

Barry King's picture

Fair Taxes For All...

Fair taxes for all, to me, means EQUAL taxes for all. I have long supported a FLAT TAX RATE for EVERYONE, with NO DEDUCTIONS for ANYONE.

Ben is gone. Good for the

Ben is gone. Good for the public discoarse I believe. He would rather spew personal attackes that have a gealthy debate on issues. Sorry. Won't miss him :o)

 's picture

How about a flat tax, with

How about a flat tax, with zero personal tax deductions? Follow that up with a tax credit for the company that adds new full time jobs that has health and dental insurance as well as a retirement program with employer match? That addresses the argument about taxing individuals vs stifling job creation.

It's my friend Ben?

Your words seem to have some much power as you hide in the corner of your world. Don't be afraid. I wonder how powerful your words and opinions would be if you actually manned up and got verufied. I wonder what kind of words you would have then? :O)

Paper tigers

A castle that has been built so you may feel safe to spew hatred, baseless opinons and ignorance. One built on fear. Good luck with that approach. In the mean time . It is not your place to judge me. Only my opinions. If you feel you need to protect you and your family from confrontation then, sadly, you have no clue. I welcome confrontation of my opinion. That is what sharing opinions is all about. To state the truth as I know it and to either learn I am wrong or defended my beliefs cause I know I am right. Your personal attacks are cowardess at best. I welcome the chance to debate people with integrity. But, again, apparently you are not one of them. As you said, all you post online is crap ;o)

Steve Bulger's picture

Mr. St. Hilaire,

you say, "Republicans got the nation into the mess it is in. They demanded the same tax breaks for the rich that the middle class has. Those tax breaks, given to the rich, will put this country into further debt that it already is." The only way the EXTENSION of the tax rate reductions for ALL Americans can "put this country into further debt that (sic) it already is" would be for the congress and president to continue their spendthrift ways. But if they reduce spending and eliminate the deficit (including the interest on the debt), the public debt will not grow.
You go on to say, "Republicans declared war on middle-class America when they held unemployment benefits hostage, and only agreed to pass that if tax breaks were extended to the rich. Where is the fairness in that?" I would submit to you: Where is the fairness in allowing tax breaks for some, but not all Americans? Is that fair? The top 5% of wage earners pay nearly 60% of the income taxes. And you want them to pay more? Is that fair? Maybe it's time to institute a flat tax - everyone in all income brackets paying the same rate with no deductions, exemptions or exclusions. Of course that means that those in the lower 40% who traditionally get back more than they pay in will now realize not only a loss of that "free" money, they will also have to pay a percentage of their income in federal taxes.
You want a "fair" tax system? Be careful what you wish for.

 's picture

Your are wrong, Nick

Your letter gives aid and comfort to the treasonous thugs currently ruling the roust in the US house and formerly ruled the Presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court. They have for more than 30 years carried out a systematic plan to reduce the living standards of working Americans, increase the relative wealth of the super rich; and neuter the US Constitution (if its not "in" the Constitution you can't do it. Apparently they never told anyone that they can't or don't want to read).
If taxes in America was based on "use", then the super rich are paying a tiny fraction of their fair taxes. They own 90% of the wealth. Police, Military, Homeland Security - all services that benefit the rich to the exclusion of the poor. The poor die to protect wealthy people's property. You can go on virtually forever. Bottom line we are cannon fouder for their extravagance

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Then we cut business taxes

"Then we cut business taxes in the form of a deduction for each job created".
That wouldn't be favoring the rich?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Nicholas, those so called

Nicholas, those so called "rich" you hate so much are already paying 80% of the taxes in this country. How much taxes are you paying? AARRGHH!!! I thought so.


The rich do not pay 80% of the taxes in this country. That statement does not come from the "horses head". And nobody hates "the rich". We grow to aspire to be "the rich". When the Nations wealthiest people say they do not need or want a tax cut and they still get one... That is the problem here. What is best for the nation is not what republicans are notorious for doing. For many years, they appear to be self serving. Perhaps I am wrong. But if I am, you got a lot of history to recover from to prove it. Every Republican administration in my lifetime has added more to the deficit than any Democratic administration. That is an archived fact. So it seems the problem is the Republicans track record breads discontent. Can you blame us?

I will if you will. When you

I will if you will. When you make a blanket statement like "the rich pay 80% of the taxes" you should do the same. Otherwise your are just spouting off at the mouth. http ://zfacts.com/p/318.html http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/federal_deficit_chart.html http://www.factcheck.org/article148.html I fully expect you to reject all sources out of hand as I have seen you do before. But others will find them useful.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

BTW, Barb, the verification

BTW, Barb, the verification process is not that big a deal. Not much different than your current status. Give it additional thought, Barb. Your opinions are valuable, and those of "our persuasion" need your support.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well stated, Barb,

Well stated, Barb, particularly the Pelosi bit.


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