Kindergarten teacher arrested for child pornography

JACKMAN — A kindergarten teacher at Forest Hills School in Jackman was arrested Thursday and charged with the possession of child pornography, including images of his own students, according to Maine State Police.

Somerset County Jail

Rob Mocarsky

Rob Mocarsky, 41, was arrested at his home in Jackman on Thursday afternoon after a team of detectives and the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit served a search warrant and found on his home computer "dozens of images of images of children, including some of his own students," according to a press release sent by the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Mocarsky was charged with the possession of sexually explicit material of a minor under the age of 12. He will appear in Somerset County Court at 1 p.m. today.

He was awarded the Milken Family Foundation National Educator award in 2005, a prestigious award that recognizes outstanding educators at a national level. He has worked at the Forest Hills School in Jackman since 2002. According to the Maine Department of Education, Mocarsky taught at Stockholm Elementary School from 1991 to 1993, Mount Desert Island Elementary School from 1993 to 1994, and Longfellow School on Cranberry Isles, which is now closed, from 1994 to 1995.

School officials and state police met with parents at Forest Hills School last night to brief them on the investigation. According to the press release, detectives will be interviewing parents and students as the investigation continues.

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This is sad and disgusting.

If he were my childrens' teacher, I am not really sure what I would do, but I would certainly like to see him suffer the worst possible consequences for his actions. To violate the absolute trust that a child has for his or her teacher is heinous and inexcusable. How disgusting. I don't care if people say that these types of people have a mental illness or how else it is portrayed to make them look less horrible....nothing can do that. We need much harsher punishments for fans of child pornography and child abusers.

Background Checks....

... can only cover so much information. The information they reveal is stuff that has been recorded in a persons past at some place and time. What you are asking for in essence is in depth investigations into a persons life, which quite honestly, while needed, is never going to happen. While this heinous event portrays the need for it, people rely to much on their own personal privacy to allow it to happen and I can guarantee you, once it is allowed into one profession the door is open for all professions and that is just a big nasty can of worms.

And yes, this individual does deserve harsh punishment. In my own views, anything less than the death penalty is insufficient.

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The families with the children in school must be devastated. Probably a good thing the State Police caught him before the townspeople did.

 's picture

so glad my childrens teachers are female

that dosent eliminate the chances of abuse but it does statistically drop them significantly.

Ron Dexter's picture

Great Job!

Great job Maine State Police! Sounds like a good case built up to prosecute this deviant and put him away for what I hope is a lifetime.

It turns my stomach knowing there are humans out there who do this stuff.


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