Farmers' market vendor of ground beef sought

DEAR SUN SPOTS: At the farmers market put on by St. Mary’s during the summer there was a vendor who sold really superior ground beef. I would like to purchase more of this beef from him. Do you know how I could find him? — Jason, Lewiston

ANSWER: Sun Spots does not know the answer, but she’s hopeful a reader will be able to help you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In my recent travels, I have lost a small canvas bag (brown cat print on white) somewhere, and it is mightily needed. It has my glucose meter in it and some Christmas cards. My return address is on the cards.

I really need this bag, as it has the only record of my glucose readings in it. I hope someone has seen it and might return it to me. I know if I found a bag, I would be very anxious to return it, and I hope someone out there will do the same for me.

Thank you, and I hope to hear soon. — Arlene Nason,, 224-7355

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Does anyone know how Drew Carey of “The Price Is Right” lost so much weight? — No Name, Rumford

ANSWER: According to online stories, he did it the old-fashioned way — exercising and eating healthy, nutritious meals.

Carey was quoted on as saying he was motivated to change when he couldn’t keep up while playing with his fiancee’s 5-year-old son, Connor, and worried he might not live to see Connor graduate from high school. (Carey’s own father died of heart failure in his 40s.)

Carey said after running his first 10K in 25 years and then succumbing to pizza, ice cream and cupcakes and feeling terrible that he had a realization: “Eating crappy food is not a reward — it's a punishment.”

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Does anyone know the title and the names of the artists of these songs that were popular, I believe, around 1958. I believe there were two songs, one was about love is splendor and the other was about times to remember?

They were sad but beautiful and very true to life, especially looking back now. Thank you. — No Name, No Town

ANSWER: Sun Spots is afraid that you did not provide enough information for an online search. The number of songs with words about remembering and the splendor of love number in the hundreds, if not the thousands. Perhaps a reader who was young and in love in 1958 will be able to help.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Congregational Church of East Sumner invites the community to the movie "What if?" on Jan. 8. Admission is free, and refreshments will be sold. There will be a service to celebrate freedom at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 15. The church is most pleased to announce that the Rev. Howard MacMullen will begin his ministry with the church on Jan. 9.

On Saturday, Jan. 15, there will be a service to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday and the freedoms of our country at 6:30 p.m. It will include a reading of Lincoln's second inaugural address, personal reflections on freedom and justice, and end with the Battle Hymn of the Republic. — Cynthia Norton, Sumner

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My husband and I make hats, mittens and afghans to send to Indian reservations. We were wondering if anyone out there has any yarn they would like donate.

We live on a fixed income, and skeins of yarn are getting smaller and the prices higher. It also costs us to mail the finished product, but we know they need and appreciate them. We can pick up yarn. Thank you. — Carroll and Penny Thomas, Farmington, 778-6757

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KAREN LEE LANE's picture

Meat from Farmer's Market

Stanley Haynes, from Clay Hill Farm in Peru, Maine. I liked his product too!


 's picture

Song titles

Does anyone know the title and the names of the artists of these songs that were popular, I believe, around 1958. I believe there were two songs, one was about love is splendor and the other was about times to remember?

Possibly the reader is referring to the songs "Love is a many-splendored thing" and "Try to remember" song by a variety of artists including Frank Sinatra.


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