Support school consolidation

On Jan. 25 the communities of Jay, Livermore and Livermore Falls will make a choice regarding school consolidation. The entire community needs to be part of this process, so that we strengthen our future and not experience more loss.

We have seen businesses close, a mill cease operations and town services slashed. Why are we willing to jeopardize the future of our children’s education?

This vote is about improving educational opportunities with more offerings in academics, the arts and athletics. If consolidation fails, our schools can no longer survive, as there is nothing left to cut.

The noncompliance fine of more than $400,000 to the districts would still be assessed to go along with reduced state funding for our schools, due to declining enrollment.

This is not an “us” versus “them.” It’s about our children.

The plight of our community and our school system is not going away. We are out of options; there is nothing left to consider or debate. No more committees, no more meetings, no more number crunching. It’s over.

Plain and simple — this must be passed or we will fail the children of our communities.

Those who no longer have family in the local schools, consider this as an opportunity to make a difference in local education. If you enjoy the plays, concerts, student-sponsored dinners and local athletics, then strengthen the future of this area by supporting school consolidation.

This vote may be the biggest decision this area has ever had to make.

Larry Thornton, Jay

Editor’s note: Larry Thornton is a former member of the Sports Co-curricular and Culture Committee formed as part of the Jay-Regional School Unit 36 consolidation planning process.

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Yeah Larry

I hope people in your school system realize the importance in this vote. Consolidate is the way to go. I hope that it is successfull and others systems with declining enrollments jump on the bandwagon also. Even sysytems that have created an RSU unit but need to combine their educational buildings for the educational benefit of it's students while truly saving monies for the tax payers as well. By doing so your communities will get a better bang for your buck that deals with education. It's to bad that RSU 10 can't see your picture. Dixfield/Rumford area.


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