Board eliminates Dumpster service

JAY — The town is out of the Dumpster service.

Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

Jay resident Sylvia Ridley, second row center, makes a point to Jay selectmen Monday night during a discussion on eliminating the town's Dumpster service. Ridley, in white, was surrounded by Gerard Castonguay, front left, Scott Hall, hidden behind Castonguay, Phil Maurais to Ridley's left, and Mary Howes in front and Al Landry beside her.

Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

Jay selectmen, Tom Goding, from left at table, Tim DeMillo, Warren Bryant and Chairman Steve McCourt voted Monday to eliminate the town's Dumpster service as of June 30. Town Manager Ruth Cushman, right, is also at the table.

Selectmen voted unanimously Monday to eliminate the service effective June 30.

It doesn’t mean that the town won’t pick up businesses’ trash, Selectman Tim DeMillo said.

It just means the town won’t be dumping Dumpsters anymore, he said.

If business representatives, trailer park or apartment complex owners want to continue having a Dumpster, a private contractor will need to be hired.

If they want to put their trash in clear or transparent, blue bags or in barrels at the curb, the town will pick it up, DeMillo said.

A committee studied ways to make solid waste and recycling more efficient in town. Several ideas have already been implemented and this was another one expected to save the town money by not having to run and maintain two trucks as is currently done.

Though the exact amount of savings is unknown, it is expected to be several tens of thousands of dollars, Public Works Department Foreman John Johnson said.

Selectmen voted Monday to implement single-sort recycling on Monday, Feb. 14. All recyclables including all plastics 1 through 7, empty aerosol cans, and other items not currently recycled, will be able to go in one container instead of being sorted.

Workshops on single-sort recycling will be conducted at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 18, at the town office.

A new truck has been ordered and expected to be in by the end of the month that can handle both trash and recyclables.

One thing about the new method, selectmen Chairman Steve McCourt said, is that empty oil jugs from garages can go in the regular trash.

“There is a lot of stuff that can go into single-sort,” he said.

It currently costs nothing to get rid of recyclables, DeMillo said, and it will cost $60 a ton for tipping fees to get rid of trash.

Businessman Phil Maurais said that he understands the need to cut costs but the board has no concrete numbers on what will be saved. He and other business owners were willing to pay a fee to have the town continue the service. However, DeMillo said it was too difficult to decide who should have a Dumpster and who should pay a private hauler.

DeMillo said he believes eliminating the Dumpster service will save $60,000 to $70,000 a year. He estimated all cost-saving measures that were implemented last year and will be put in place this year will save about $300,000. That would be used to reduce the town’s $1.14 million solid waste and recycling budget. No workers lost their jobs, one position wasn’t filled and another worker is working at the Public Works Department.

DeMillo believes there could be more cost savings, he said.

That reflects a lower price for solid waste disposal that Town Manager Ruth Cushman negotiated, he said.

Cushman told the board that they won’t be able to give the Dumpsters away because they were bought with taxpayers’ money.

DeMillo had suggested those who rent Dumpsters from the town at $144 a month, should be able to keep them.

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Ellen Levesque's picture

If you had been at the

If you had been at the meeting last night you would have more information about the single sort program. There is going to be 2 informational meetings on Jan 18th that will explain what you can and cannot put in the recycle and what can be put in the clear bags. One will be in the afternoon at 2pm and 1 at 6 pm so that all who want to go will be able to. To say that just because a few dumpsters will now not be picked up by the town will make the town messy is just foolish. The town will still pick up trash at the businesses that have dumpsters, they can hire a private hauler, or can go to the Jay landfill themselves. The selectmen are working hard to find ways to save tax dollars and should be commended. As it is now, all taxpayers are subsidizing the few dumpsters. This will level the playing field for all. As far as clear bags are concerned, yes they have been picked up but the new ordinance which they are working to update
will give the landfill employees more teeth with which to enforce the ordinance. The town will have information available for all to read and understand what is expected.


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