There are dangers

I feel really bad about the shootings in Arizona. It is sad that those types of situations happen in this country.

What is even sadder is to hear the left (Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is a Democrat) demonize members of the tea party and the right as the cause of this tragedy. Now they are all talking about having armed bodyguards.


Anyone in the public eye can be a target of criminals who walk among us.

I hope the discourse and debate on our differences is allowed to continue. I do not plan on hiding under my bed.

This is a free country, but there are dangers. It comes with the territory.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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What this highlights is the

What this highlights is the weakness in our judicial and mental health system. And the never ending conflict between them. The gunman's "rights" were protected even while he was exhibiting this illness. The most revealing report was when one of his professors went to security to ask if anything could be done with him. Security answered "we can't do anyhting, till he does something." So we are caught between protecting his rights, (justifiably) and watching him spiral out of control. SOME sort of an intervention was needed LONG before this horrible event happened. It's a terrible, terrible dilemma. And this violence is a very rare occurrance with this type of illness. To fling about the words wack job, crazy, nut job, lunatic, and to make this a political argument and point fingers, I guess, is to minimize and dismiss the absolute horror of what happened. This was a terrible event. Sickening and sorrowful. I am caught between anger and sadness.

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Whether someone is a

Whether someone is a Republican,Democrat, doesn't matter!! That isn't the reason someone picks up a gun and shoots people!! Every article I have read about this tragic event blames it on a left wing,right wing, no wing...what it all boils down to is this guy is obviously missing a few screws, didn't like the congress woman for his own wacko reasons, and he went off the deep end. We can't blame this tragedy on Sarah Palin...her stupidity didn't cause this. I strongly feel that the fact that she put the crosshairs and remarks for public view was the most idiotic thing a public figure wanting to work for our country could have done! Putting a crosshair picture alone does promote violence!

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I like your second paragraph a great deal Publikwerks. Those are words of wisdom for this website, for the country, and for the world. I think you should just keep posting that paragraph again and again. Peace.

GARY SAVARD's picture

tron, left or right, it

tron, left or right, it doesn't matter when you have lunatics out there willing to kill for their political views. Blaming Sarah Palin for the Arizona massacre is really a stretch, even for you.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

More and more evidence is

More and more evidence is surfacing to reveal that the shooter is not politically motivated, but merely a complete wack job with a long history of bizarre behavior suggesting severe mental illness. He should not have been on the loose.

 's picture

he is a pot-smoking, leftist,

he is a pot-smoking, leftist, an avowed atheist with a skull shrine in his back yard. Not to many conservative republicans I know act like that. but how is this for promoting peace?
or this?
or this?
or this?
or this?

I could give you dozens more examples of crazy leftists hyprocrites but what is the point? You think diversity is fine and want to promote peace and understanding until someone disagrees with you and then you hate and despise them. Yeah, that makes sense.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Wishing her a speedy

Wishing her a speedy recovery, it is fortunate for Ms. Giffords that she is a democrat. Were she a republican, the left would undoubtedly be accusing her of having provoked the shooter.


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