Oxford deputies uncover West Paris pot operation

WEST PARIS — A local man faces charges of growing marijuana after police found more than 240 plants growing in the basement of his home on Route 219 last week.

West Paris grow operation busted
Oxford County Sheriff's Office photo

Joshua L. Adams, 34, of West Paris is facing charges of growing marijuana, after police found more than 240 plants growing in the basement of his home on Route 219.

West Paris grow operation busted
Oxford County Sheriff's Office photo

Police confiscated 2.5 pounds of processed marijuana from the home of Joshua L. Adams, 34 of West Paris. Adams is facing charges of growing marijuana, after police found more than 240 plants growing in the basement of his Route 219 home.

West Paris grow operation busted
Oxford County Sheriff's Office photo

Joshua L. Adams, 34, of West Paris is facing charges of growing marijuana after police found more than 240 plants growing in the basement of his home on Route 219.

Joshua L. Adams, 34, was arrested after returning home Jan. 5 to find Oxford County deputies and Norway officers in his yard, Sheriff's Department Cpl. Chancey Libby said Tuesday.

The corporal said he was called to the house by Norway police, who were there with a search warrant to look for a snowmobile. Norway officers said they smelled a strong odor of marijuana and called for the Sheriff's Department to send deputies, he said.

Police found 61 adult female plants and 180 juvenile plants in the basement, along with two 5-gallon buckets containing a total of 2.5 pounds of processed pot, Libby said. Police said the street value of the marijuana was estimated at between $20,000 and $30,000.

Adams, who arrived at the house with his parents, was arrested on charges of cultivating marijuana and violating bail conditions. He was booked at the Oxford County Jail in Paris.

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Ed Follette's picture

Do you see the words coming from your head?!

First, it doesn't make sense to say "I'm not going to dignify your insults with a reply" AT THE END OF A REPLY!! This is the kind of thing I was referring to when I advised thinking it over and running it by someone else before you replied.
Secondly, it's just like a conservative to say there are alternatives to something, but not to provide any. Kinda reminds me of your constituents in Congress putting down Obama's Health Care Reform, but not providing their idea of a better alternative. It's this kind of "Arguing, just for the sake of Arguing, or not letting the other side have their way" that has turned this country into a joke on the international scene.
And then, you refer to the still-making-illegal-moonshine good ol' boys as your examples of how humans should be... huh?!!
It is true that if legalized there would still be illegal growers/sellers, but that would just be a percentage of the overall money exchanging hands because of this. The true benefit would be the tax dollars that are currently spent fighting this crime, and incarcerating said "criminals", instead being used to, oh I don't know, pay our teachers what they deserve, or fix our roads and bridges that are crumbling beneath us.
Lastly, you should feel special, because you are here in this country, where we are still able to freely state our opinions publicly and feel confident to disagree with others when the occasion arises.
God bless the ideals that our country was founded upon, now let's just pray for the intelligence to make this country prosper again.

Barry King's picture


Dear FatandHappy,

First you say that you AREN'T going to dignify insults with a reply, but in the 3 paragraphs above that line, in the same posting...YOU DID!

Then you say that you are going to "bow out" of the discussion, but you come back with this inane posting, so...YOU DIDN'T!

Do you support ANY of your opinions with actions?


 's picture

yo Barry

why don't you move to California, the rest of us are fine without it!

Barry King's picture

Yo JasonP

I don't smoke pot, or use ANY illegal drugs!
My point, which you obviously missed, addressed the potential financial benefits that could be derived from legalizing marijauna. Period!
I deliberately avoided any philosophical issues, so your assumption, as most are, is incorrect!
One other note, you also made a Generalization and chose to speak for EVERYONE. Who are you and how are you qualified to speak for "the rest of us", inferring that everyone me is against legalizing marijauna. You are SO vain, SO Narcissistic and SO WRONG!

 's picture

I got stoned and I Missed it

I got stoned and I Missed it /Lets stop fooling around and make this Plant Legal

Barry King's picture

Legalize it, Regulate it, Tax it!

Estimates for annual tax revenues generated from legalized marijauna sales, for California alone, are as high as 1 BILLION dollars!

How many states couldn't use a windfall like that???


Barry King's picture


Okay, so who are YOU speaking for FatandHappy?
You people who use generalizations and choose to believe that your single opinion is shared by all, are ridiculous.
Some of the people who represent the WE that you spoke for, DO INDEED believe that the State DOES need the money "that" bad(ly).

Barry King's picture

Round 2

I'll type this slowly for your benefit, FatandHappy, maybe you'll understand it if you read it again.I spoke very succinctly and I made NO generalizations.

In it's entirety, the line that you are referencing, referred to "You people who use generalizations and choose to believe that your single opinion is shared by all, are ridiculous." I think that was pretty specific.

While I have your attention, FAH, I have to ask a question. Do you consider legalizing the "mind altering drug" alcohol to be ridiculous? If you don't, then in addition to anything else that you are, you are also a hypocrite. The tax revenue generated by the legal sale of booze is accepted regardless of the fact that it is MUCH more addictive than marijauna, and it is responsible a great many more crimes and deaths.

I don't necessarily agree with your last line, either, but I haven't done any reference on it yet, so I won't argue the point. I will say, however, that simply because the Federal Government CURRENTLY supports the ban on legalizing marijauna, doesn't mean that the majority of Americans agree with it.

Ed Follette's picture

If you don't have anything smart to say...

First of all, Barry explains who "you people" are immediately following the term... did you miss that, or just not get it?
Secondly, The State of Maine, including its' teachers, highway workers, community service workers, and such, would probably disagree with you on them not needing more funding.
Thirdly, is "the majority of the people" you refer to the same Conservite majority that got GWB elected, then uber-embarrassingly, re-elected?! If so, then am I ever glad to be in the minority... you know, those of us who actually have common sense and a general understanding of our places in this world.
I find it ironic, and a sad illustration of Arkansan intelligence, that you think marijuana makes our communities unsafe, but allowing everyone to carry guns makes them safer. As we Mainers like to say, "That's wicked smart!"
So before you think about replying, make sure you've had enough time to think, and hopefully consult someone with maybe more sparks firing in the ol' noggin', so as not to waste anymore of our time being insulted by the obvious degradation of intelligence in our society.
Now go polish your guns and drink your, apparently-to-you, non-mind-altering-and-pleasantly-legal whiskey and beer.
And to finish the subject line, "...just sit there and look pretty."

Barry King's picture


Thank you for "getting my back". You write very eloquently.
I wish I had read on further before responding to FatandHappy. It would have saved me some typing.
Great minds work alike.
Have a Great Day, my friend!

Mike Wendell's picture

Silly question

Just curious. From reading the story, it sounds like the local police called in the county police when they detected the drugs.

Is there a reason why the local level police couldn't do the search? Or obtain the search warrant? Is it a policy concern? Procedure?

Just curious.

Ed Follette's picture

No way!!

You mean some "wicked smart" cops screwed up something that they've probably done at least 2-3 times a week for their entire careers?!
I'm shocked!!
This is just another example of our tax dollars being wasted prosecuting a drug that is safer than cigarettes, less likely to invoke violence and destruction than alcohol, and more beneficial to those in pain than aspirin.
I really am ashamed to be part of today's world.

 's picture

possibility of.....

he arrived with his parents did they think if they got caught they could lose the property as well
and as they say and so goes maine......

 's picture

The cop could have said

Shit theres got to be a skunk around here and gotten to hell out of there.


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