Maine police seize rolling marijuana nursery

WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) — Police in Waterville, Maine, say they've never seen anything like the portable marijuana nursery they seized from two men pushing it down the street.

Police say officers investigated after receiving a report on Tuesday of two men pushing what appeared to be a huge toolbox down the street that was making a lot of noise.

Police Chief Joseph Massey says it turned out to be a self-contained marijuana-growing unit, with lights, fans and a watering system inside.

Massey tells the Morning Sentinel police found marijuana residue in the box, which is 4½-feet long, 2-feet wide and 4-feet tall.

Police say 34-year-old Justin Leibowitz was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.


Information from: Morning Sentinel,

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RONALD RIML's picture

If they were dumb enough to roll this down the street -

They were most likely dumb enough to give the cops permission to take a look in it.

You really have no idea how many of these 5-watt light bulbs end up arresting themselves......... They make it so-o-o-o easy!

KELLY SCOTTI's picture

Please let's legalize

Please let's legalize marijuana already so these poor stupid people don't have to spend their hard earned money on bail and fines.

 's picture

Hey Mark

this ought to be on "America's Dumbest Videos" on Spike tv.

Barry King's picture

This is TOO Funny!

Yup, you have to admire "Yankee Ingenuity", Stenfmly, and you're right Sourdough, I can't wait for the movie, but in the meanwhile, as Armorin said, we need LaFlamme to write a more detailed account for us.

He's a very talented writer and the mental picture that he paints is the next best thing to seeing the video.

I'll bet video of this arrest would go "viral" on YouTube!



I'm not allowed in Waterville anymore, and haven't been since the incident.

 's picture


Nothing that sunglasses and a fake beard couldn't fix. We need answers! We want the truth!!! FREE THE WATERVILLE TWO!!

 's picture


This has to be put in a movie ? ( can picture it ) BUT Would love to see this toolbox ? Now what is going to happen to this toolbox ? Why would someone call the Police was it doing the day or night ????

 's picture

Wait a minute

I'm gonna need pictures and preferably video of these two pushing this thing. We need LaFlamme to get up there pronto to investigate further.


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