Overpaid hospital executives

Cheers to Rep. Brian Bolduc, D-Auburn, for submitting Bill LD 29 that would cap salaries of hospital executives at the Maine governor’s salary. Though that’s probably not going to happen, it brings those exorbitant salaries into public awareness.

Earlier, I was disgusted to learn that while Eastern Maine Medical Center staff was being cut, the CEO was earning a salary in excess of $300,000. Now, I learn from a recent Sun Journal story that at least three other hospital executives make millions.

According to 2008 IRS nonprofit filings (that Bolduc quoted), Peter Chalke, president of CMMC, received $1.5 million; William Caron, president of MaineHealth in Portland got $1.2 million; Vincent Conti, former president of Maine Medical Center received $3.24 million.

I hope there are other people out there who are outraged at those salaries. Nobody is worth that much money. There should not be such a disgraceful disparity between compensation for those who do the actual work and those who manage institutions.

Yes, of course the state of Maine should pay their debts to health care facilities, but the state Legislature should also put a damper on executive pay. If Bolduc hadn’t proposed the bill and if Sun Journal hadn’t run the story, most of us would never have known how overpaid these executives are.

Joyce White, Stoneham

Editor's note: In February 2010 the Sun Journal published an extensive analysis of hospital executive salaries titled "Health & Wealth," reporting the 2008 IRS figures. Bolduc based his proposal, in part, on that report. To read the story, go to: http://www.sunjournal.com/central-maine-health-care/story/792174

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Luke Miller's picture

CMMC Salaries

I agree that it is a complete and total travesty what some people in America make. This country has a disgusting wealth imbalance. www.careerbliss.com shows a breakdown of what the various positions at CMMC make.

Ed Enos's picture


I know Vince and my family and I have spent time with him and his family away from MMC. I can tell you, his phone never stopped. Sure, he made a lot of money, but being held responsible to a job 24/7/365, I didn't think it was worth it, watching him never able to get away from his job.

Go Brian

Let's test our houses in state government. What the executives make is ludicrous. If this legislation doesn't go through then the people in office should be put on a slow boat to China and never allowed back into this country.

Steve Bulger's picture


you'd like to explain the rationale for your comment. It's one thing to make a broad statement like that; it's another to justify it. What gives the government the right to tell the private sector what the salaries of its employees should be? Unless. of course, you think we should adopt the Soviet method of wage determination.

Richard Begin's picture

over paid hospital executives

Now it appears that Poor Joyce is Drinking the same Watered Down Kool Aid that representative Bolduc is Slurping up at the Trough. When I first read about that Absurd Bill that the Rep from Auburn Introduced. I was Musing how Niave could this Guy be ? Take for example the current field for perspective candidates to fill the outgoing Cabinet position for the Department of DHHS in Augusta, One thing that is a constant wether Current Ocean State DHHS Director Gary Alexander,or Peter Mills, or Mark Carrier, have in common is that currently the job in Maine pays considerably less than what all of the three above would work for.

Now add that to the formula and what you arrive at is the fact that Hospital Excutives in Maine or else where get payed rather well, Now one may ask why is that ? It is a simple answere these kinds of positions require a tremendous ammount of Energy and Time not to mention understanding the complicated process involved that deas with Federal & State regulations and compliance issues. Hospital Excutives are exactly like Corporate CEO'S . I seriously cannot imagine anyone in their right mind working for a measely 70 Thousand per year.These positions are in many cases Premium Employment opportunities and as would be the case He who has the Gold makes the Rules.

Next Time Representative bolduc introduces a bill lets hope it is based in reality and not just another pipe dream that will waste valuable time in Augusta, Governor Lepage needs to be able to Govern without frivilious Pointless Bills being introduced that become Time wasters from the start. I would ask that some type of restriction be applied to Laws that are Introduced that serve Little or no Purpose or value.

In Case you have not noticed Mr bolduc our State like our nation is facing the possibility of economic collapse, It is the kind of legislation that Mr Bolduc introduced that weighs down the system.Enough is nough with such foolish fishing expeditions

Representative Bolduc truly needss a reality Check and sadly Joyce from Stoneham needs to open her Eyes as will. Remember you get for what you Pay

Jason Theriault's picture

Ok Comarad

The reason CEO's get paid millions is that running an organization or business is hard, and those who do it well are in short supply. If the market says 1-3 million is the going rate, then that is what hospitals will have to pay. Otherwise, your forcing hospitals to hire cut rate talent.

Besides, where does it stop?

Steve Bulger's picture

Slippery Slope

Ms. White, you're suggesting that the state determine the level of compensation for the CEO of a PRIVATE healthcare corporation? Why stop there? Let's dictate what the small business owner should earn. "Pete the plumber, Ernie the electrician, Mary the corner store owner: your job has been evaluated by the State, and it has been determined that you are earning too much money. Therefore, all net income over $__K will be confiscated by the State."
Ridiculous? You bet. If you're dissatisfied with the level of compensation for these executives, I suggest that you buy one share of stock and attend the annual shareholders' meeting where you can voice your opinion to the Board of Directors. I'm sure that they will take your objection as seriously as it deserves.


It would be about time we

It would be about time we start putting caps on the medical, Phamicon, and energy sectors these are the MAIN CULPRITS of our decline their greed has caused endless suffering throughout the world! It was and STILL is the ENERGY sector at fault for this economy and all they have to do is payoff a bunch of politicians to keep their wallets fatter than a pregnat heffer, they have used all the excuses in the book to try to explain the high cost and the insane PROFITS (after the multi-millions in ceo and execitves saleries) when every single one of their excused are debunked they are simply lies they should be tried for manslaughter for those who could not afford the outrageous cost of heating oil and died as a result. you ever notice that when public opinion starts to push for an investigation and jail for these scum bums the price of oil drops till all is forgiven then a short time later the prices climb further than before. Look it is about time at least one politican is grabing the bull by the horns though be assured the RNC and the DNC will quickly subdue him as politicians like that are a danger to thier cash flow!!!

John Clement's picture

There are a couple of laws

There are a couple of laws that will never be repealed; the laws of gravity and the law of supply and demand. When you have more and more people chasing a scarcer commodity (oil) the price will go up. When you have to formulate dozens of different blends for different states instead of a uniform blend for the country the price will go up. When you restrict the drilling in this country and have to rely on a group (OPEC) that hates us the price will go up. To say there is some vast conspiracy or some cabal controlling everything shows an absymal amount of ignorance about how the world works. If I had to hazard a guess I think the people who constantly complain about the profit motive in this country are those who have no desire to make a profit themselves. Or know how to.


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