Governor brings reality

The Civil Liberties Union is an example of an organization that has gone overboard.

I am a Marine who almost lost his life in Vietnam. Maybe most of the people they represent should have gone ahead of me before the people they represent got their freebies.

The new governor brings reality to a system to protect the Maine taxpayers.

Claude Beaucage, Lewiston

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 's picture

Posters who contineau to avoid using their real name.

I will be so delighted when posters like Tron and Barb,Cranky Yankey,Public Werks, and others like them have to use their real names. Now you have to wonder can these Posers comply with the Rules. We all know who barb and Tron are any way.But let's take some personal respondsibility for what we write. Why Tron and Barb and Cranky Yankee and Public Werks do you all find the need to hide behind a fake name.? It is really all about takeing respondsibility for one's statements.

Your Actions bring to mind another Poster whose name was Cliiford Drake. but he at least wrote positive things. I wonder where he has gone?

 's picture

Governor brings reality

Well written Claude. The Time for such Behavior from an Elected offical is long overdue. Normally we would be reading yet another story written by the Lewiston Mayor propping up some minority interest group that always seems to gain more than those who were born here. Last friday I was shopping for Vegatables at Blackies Produce stand on Minot Ave. In Front of me were a half a Dozen Men who appeared to be from Africa ,Kenya, perhaps Somalia ect. Each of these Subjects were paying for their Purchases with a state of 'Maine Blue' EBT Card. Could someone please explain why these young Men who should be working instead of behaving like they are on a paid Holiday at the expense of 'Maine' Tax Payers.

Yes Claude you can bet your bottom Dollar that Governor Lepage will do his best to right these mny wrongs and maybe in doing so those whom I witnessed at blackies will either find another place to live or at least get a Job .Truth is Maine can no longer afford them.

RONALD RIML's picture

Take away freedoms? Show us the Court Cases they filed

to do that, Barb. And the freedoms that would take away.

You're nothing but hot air and you won't/can't do that, Barb - no way in hell.

You merely throw out red herrings regarding us 'itching' to find out who you are. We merely expect you to take responsibility for your words - a very foreign concept to you.

RONALD RIML's picture

Big Deal, Claude.

So going to Vietnam means you can flaunt your nose at groups who represent the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution??

And you actually swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution once upon a time. Did you have any idea what that meant? By the tone of your letter it's obvious you didn't.

 's picture

Barb, he hasn't done a dam

Barb, he hasn't done a dam thing yet. Except that he's written a 100+ million dollar check to the state's hospitals to pay for their overcharges for Maine Care and Medicaid services. Oh yea and he's proposing eliminating over 100 state jobs, jobs that are already vacant and were kept that way under the previous administration. Oh yea, and he hired his 22 year old daughter for an "entry level" job that pays 41 grand, plus a state car and gas card, and she's living in the gov's mansion too! Oh yea, and he told the state arm of a national organization that represents millions of americans, to kiss his but. He has not even proposed to do one thing to live up to his campaign promise of "fixing" the high cost of the public aid program, and wait till he does Barb, and you start to see your friends, family and neighbors start to suffer! Great friggin guy we got there.

RONALD RIML's picture

The Party is going to be over for Barb Feb. 1...

No more bad-mouthing folks without signing your name to it.

 's picture

Arizona need you Claude

LePage isn't protecting Maine taxpayers; he's going to give free reign to businessmen to loot and plunder the state including the Maine taxpayers.

 's picture


"The new governor brings reality to a system to protect the Maine taxpayers." Doubtful. The MCLU works to protect ALL Maine citizens.

 's picture

"Fat Jesus"

That's good stuff! I'm dying over here!


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