It's all in the rhetoric

I have been reading with interest what is being said and written following the tragedy in Tucson. I came up with the following observations:

Rhetoric (the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing). The first thing we do as a modern society is to point the finger of blame and, in all too many cases, it is political. How do we, as a modern society, stop this type of senseless rhetoric?

Washington, no, our entire country, is laced with corruption at all levels. What does this corruption breed as it is fueled by bias? Inflammatory rhetoric.

As I did research to determine how and why the system failed, it became apparent that we, the people, have accepted this failure. Neither party will or can fix it, as they are both guilty.

The proof of this is we can't quote a national figure unless we put "R" or "D" next to their name. This is called "automatic finger pointing."

I found it interesting that the head of Fox News came out immediately to say he has cautioned all of Fox News to closely measure their rhetoric. Unfortunately, I find myself wondering if he did this as a matter of conscience or guilt.

What part of our current economic and cultural crisis belongs to the Republicans during the George W. Bush years and what part belongs to the current administration under Barack Obama's leadership?

Answer: It belongs to us.

Norm Smith, Poland

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Linda Sherwood's picture

Well said Norm


I like the way you presented the reflective questions to all of us, making readers consider how we each contribute to the negative and disturbing rhetoric that has come to light. As a society, we all incite or encourage one way or another, and whatever leader is in office has the responsibility to lead in a manner that will move us forward. Some may see progressiveness with employing "R" or "D" ideals, then again, there is a new organization that includes leaders from all political ideologies called "No Labels" ( I am excited to see that this group is bringing together people from all sides, not to leave their current parties, but to find common ground that we can move our nation ahead in a positive manner.

That said, how can we, in our own communities become agents of change without inciting violent behaviors or aggravating those with opposing views? Do you think this can be accomplished or is it wishful thinking for a Utopian society?

Linda Sherwood
Auburn, Maine

RONALD RIML's picture

You know this how????



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