Support for Gov. LePage:

Comments posted on the Sun Journal’s story Saturday regarding Gov. Paul LePage’s comments directed to the NAACP were mixed. Below is a sample of support for the governor:


Give me a break! Gov. LePage isn't putting up with any group with special interests and, yes, the NAACP is a special interest group.

Can anyone explain to me why it matters if his son is a U.S. citizen or not? If you’re "offended" because the governor doesn't play every single politically correct card as he should in your eyes, than accept that everyone has a right to free speech no matter the office they hold.

We are the people who put others on pedestals. If you choose to put the governor on a pedestal with the expectation that he will fall off, than in your eyes that is exactly what will happen.

I, for one, agree with the governor. Good for you Gov. LePage for doing exactly what you told us you would do.

Chad Levasseur, Poland


I believe that past white governors attending these gatherings were doing so simply for political reasons only. While I agree Gov. LePage should use more proper language, I like the directness of his comments and fully believe the NAACP is nothing more than a lobby.

It is surely a different kind of politics in Maine. Maybe his will be effective, not like the last eight years.

Ed Enos, Denmark


I may not always agree with him, but any day of the week I'll take a politician who doesn't speak out of both sides of his mouth depending on which audience he's addressing.

At least we know where he stands even if it's not where you stand.

Steve Bulger, Strafford, N.H.


He speaks his mind. The NAACP invited him to visit black people in Maine prisons and he rejected that and said he would visit all Maine prisoners.

No comments about that from the NAACP.

Rebecca Greenlaw, Auburn


Good, finally have a governor who will not make me feel that I am a minority in Maine.

George McLean, Bath


I guess I don't see it. He talks the way the average guy talks to his buddies. He does not try to think about how to make things sound better.

If you guys don't like it you can kiss my butt also ...

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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Support for the Governor

After all that was written and the rampant speculation. I have not been swayed. I Contineu to support and Respect the Governor's decision to Lead any way he decides. What matters more to me than anything else is Paul Lepage unlike Barak Obama and John Baldacci represents true Change. The coming Months will reveal to all of us both those who supported Governor Lepage for election and those who threw their vote away on other Candidates That our State's internal infrastucture is a Disaster. Then we will begin to notice the Likes of Orono Rep Ms Emily Cain be silenced. The Mess created by Governor Baldacci and his Majority will demonstrate the arrival of Champion Lepage was none to soon. Praise God For Victory

 's picture


If you get elected to the highest office in the state, then you should present yourself with tact and professionalism. You represent the entire state. After the run on CNN and Fox, the country now knows we voted in an inarticulate clown. If I were behind either one of you Clem, I'd be inclined to kick it.

JUDY MEYER's picture

On Monday, the Sun Journal

On Monday, the Sun Journal received 13 letters to the editor by e-mail and regular mail, all critical of the governor's response to the NAACP request. Since we were aware that Gov. LePage had received some support through comments on Saturday's A1 story, we decided to pull some of those supportive comments to publish on the editorial page alongside the letters received that were critical of his comments. The web layout here doesn't allow you to see how these letters were displayed on today's A6, but there are more than the usual number of letters published, plus the sampling of web comments posted by readers over the weekend. If you want to take a look at our e-edition or the print product, you'll see what I mean.
Judy Meyer

GARY SAVARD's picture

If Mainers had wanted Mr.

If Mainers had wanted Mr. Smoothie for governor, then Eliot Cutler would be in office, not Paul Lepage. We elected a governor who campaigned on running Maine in a fashion that would attract jobs and pay the bills without robbing every taxpayer in the process. I agree that the governor could be more tactful, but his comments aren't a hanging offense, unless of course, you are one of the many that wanted to hang him in the first place.

 's picture

Special Interest Groups

Can Aanyone share with me the definition of a "Special Interest Group" the Tea Party one? Are pro-abortion groups one? Are anti-abortion groups one? Are pro and anti death penalty ones ...OR are just some of them "Special Interest Groups" ? can I tell which is and which isn't ?

Mark Elliott's picture

Tron, you know the SJ is not

Tron, you know the SJ is not a Lepage supporter. This is merely a "followup" for the other "followup" where Laflamme only mentioned comments that were against LePage. I am sure they got some unpleasant e-mails about it had to show the other side.....would have been nice if they showed BOTH in the original story.


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