No good comes from emotional outbursts

In the end, he did what he should have done in the first place — go to an ML King service and agree to meet with the state NAACP.

But before we say all's well that ends well, let's stop and examine what happens when a governor pops off without thinking.

In case you were out of the country, say Siberia, for the past week, you have probably heard that Maine Gov. Paul LePage told the state NAACP on camera to "kiss his butt,"

To be fair, LePage was goaded into the statement by a TV reporter, but he said it nonetheless.

Unfortunately, nothing good comes from outbursts like this.

First, the statement sets a bad example for not only children but adults. While everyone else is talking about civility in political discourse, our leader chose incivility.

Second, the statement does not well represent Maine or our people to the outside world. We may be plain spoken and direct, but most of us avoid vulgarity in public.

Third, we cannot think this helps improve Maine's image as a progressive, forward-thinking place to live or do business. It just makes us look crude.

Fourth, it does not show good "message discipline." Distractions like this take time and energy to straighten out, sidetracking the governor and his staff from more productive work.

What can the governor learn from this incident? Well, unfortunately, its probably something he already knows: Engage brain before putting mouth in gear.

What do you think of this story?

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 's picture

MLK Kiss My BuTT

I really think that way to much is being Written and talked about. I support Governor Lepage in is reaction to attending yet another foolishly orchestrated event . If someone could explain to me what the value of attending such events is. Look around at the MLK Holiday, it is a Money maker for the Ski industry. some Buisness's observe it and many others ignore it. Martin Luther King was a Groundbreaker and a Paradigm changer. However I think it is better to have a Holiday that enjoys willing support instead of Federally pressured support.

Second In my thinking it is about time that a chief Executive or in this Case Governor stood up and demonstrated that his interests are more in line of accomplishing his appointed Mission.Of Course the Media again in this case the SJ feels it is encumbent upon them to suggesst that Governor Lepage was wrong in his so-called Bombastic outburst. Former President Nixon referred to the Media as the UnElected Elite and nothing has changed here. Except that the Average Maine Voter could care less about what the NAACP wants or needs. It is time for the NAACP to finally Shed it's Victim Entitlement skin and rejoin the rest of US. Finally the reoccuring argument that is always advanced is what will others out of Maine think? Well that no longer matters. What matters is that Our State and National Economy and local and state and National infrastructure are Crumbling and I feel it is far more important to repair that if possible than to Quibble about who attends some Birthday event .

 's picture

No, he didn't.

But he did not attend an NAACP event. He attended (unannounced except for the newspaper and tv stations) the Waterville MLK breakfast which was not sponsored nor attended by members of the Maine chapter of the NAACP. He also has yet to apologize to those people he offended. He needs to step up and be a man, and not just cast things off as unimportant.

 's picture

What is missing from your

What is missing from your argument is that he has attended this breakfast honoring MLK several times in the past. Who cares if it wasn't an officially sponsored NAACP event? He honored the man, didn't he? Ever consider that this was his previously scheduled event? And I haven't heard any apologizies for any of the vitriol from the campaign. While the language of many of the attack adds was civil, the message was much more disrespectful than a flip answer to a badgering reporter.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

...'but most of us avoid

...'but most of us avoid vulgarity in public'....
Do you people ever get out?

 's picture

Then maybe...

we need to eliminate the media completely.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You have the right attitude,

You have the right attitude, Quicky...we need more posters like you. You're looking at both sides of the issue. Few bloggers are able to do that.

 's picture

Agree, kind of

All points well made Sun, except. How exactly was Mr LePage "Goaded" by the person holding the microphone. The reporter/producer asked just a couple of very simple questions. By saying this you are letting him off the hook somewhat, laying down a convenient excuse for Mr LePage to use.
This was inexcusable, it was a slap in the face. No matter who the "kiss my butt" statement was aimed at or how flippant it was he deserves serious rebuke for it. His next step should be to do what any thinking adult does after making an outrageous statement that does nothing but insult. Apologize Mr LePage, publicly, it's what adults do.


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