Was the NAACP playing the race card? Maybe. But, who’s campaign whined early on that some vague anti-French Yankee campaigners were “pickin’ on him?” Maybe ShaNaNa could perform at the next Republican National Convention. Sarah Palin and Paul LePage would enjoy dancing together to “Charlie Brown.”

But, back to last week’s embarrassment.

I’m assuming the governor is going to tell members of the tea party, the Maine Heritage Foundation, the Maine Chamber of Commerce, and various other conservative, libertarian and pro-business groups, to kiss his butt if they don’t applaud everything he says and complain because their invitations to gatherings are rejected.

LePage is living proof that being a businessman is no guarantee of the ability to govern.

The need to reach out to constituents is lost on managers used to firing those who speak an uncomfortable truth. It’s too bad Maine voters don’t enjoy the right of recall.

A mulligan would be a great idea right now. LePage needs to be returned to Marden’s as defective merchandise.

Before I’m accused of economic bigotry — my father was a businessman; some of my best friends are businessmen. I was a businessman, so I guess I can’t be prejudiced.

Tony Nazar, Wilton

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 's picture

Gov LePage doesn't have a

Gov LePage doesn't have a speech problem. The NAACP invited him to an MLK function. He said "no" I am already booked. They went to the press and said, "golly gee, I think there may be a "pattern here" gee we are ...concerned." This was brought to the press, and the press brought it to his attention, knowing full well his prior commitments. But it's INFERRING that he is a racist. He response to that is "kiss my butt." Did they accept HIS invitation to go have breakfast with his SON. Who did the NAACP support in the Gov's race? What policies HAS the NAACP supprted in Maine? So, we got "kiss my BUTT" splashed all over the media, but NO stories about WHO the NAACP supports, and WHO they are or what they support nationally. Or, WHO they support nationally. The only thing we got was "kiss my BUTT" it seems like an attempt at assassination. Oh no wow , I forgot, we can't use martial terms anymore. Forgive me word police. The real pattern is to report what is sensational, then fill in the blanks, after you got everybody in lock step.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What about the newly

What about the newly appointed governor of Alabama who recently announced that anyone who has not taken Jesus as their Savior is not to be considered his (the governor's) brother or sister. Imagine that coming from a Christian. Wonder what the muslims think about that. They, of course, consider all non-muslims to be infidels, so I guess Christians are not their brothers and sisters either. My point? Le Page isn't the only governor in the country with a speech problem.

 's picture

Useless Waste of time

To rbegin - this is a useless waste of time.
Not to mention what ever the cost to taxpayers to push this through.
I would like to see our Governor cut this type of waste of process

 's picture

Un Governor Like

Tony What is your Point? Did you Vote for Governor lepage? I believe that it was the 'Coasters' that recorded Charlie Brown' .Yes Governor Lepage is sort of a Businessman ,but what is vastly more important is that he understands how important it is for maine that he is able to accomplish all that can be done, without being interrupted by Politically motoviated gatherings that accomplish nothing but a useless waste of time.

By the Tony did you attend the MLK Breakfast? Now I am willing to Bet that those who voted for Govenor Lepage are Ok on this one. I know I certainly am.

 's picture

Sort of a businessman????

Apparently you were out of state during the campaign. That was his entire platform.

RONALD RIML's picture

But the NAACP has been at the head of the line of celebrants

Even before a number of disinterested folks figured they could get mandated holiday benefits and/or overtime.....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"They do not understand that

"They do not understand that they escaping horrors in their own land,"...
Their own land? 95% of them moved here from Columbus, Ohio or Atlanta, Georgia, ostensibly because their benefits had run out. They're more opportunists than refugees.


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