Colbert mocks LePage's "kiss my butt" comment on show

Late night talk show host Stephen Colbert took to task Maine Governor Paul LePage last night on his show, The Colbert Report, for his remarks on Friday regarding NAACP criticism.

“I applaud Gov. LePage. Before Dr. King came along, could anyone have imagined a white politician openly inviting a black person to kiss him? And without pants! That’s progress,” Colbert said.

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 's picture


I don't know if they are "all" laughing around the country? It really scares many. They are hoping that this is not coming their way. This seems to be the way all of the tea party acts.? Good example, Palin!! I see them as acting like a high school bully. Don't seem to care what they say or do, and have a following, and they think they are on top? But then usually walk off the cliff shortly after high school.? But still, a line of distruction was left where ever he went over the years that doesn't go away as fast as he does??
Maines new reality. :(

 's picture


He sure thinks he has substance. :(
If he is smart he will find out their is a big world out their and make adjustments???
But most high school bullies never realize that. :( hence walking off a cliff. :(
So far I see him being the party Governor. :(
Not the people's "Maine's" Governor. :(
So that means, watch out middle class, as we will pay even more. How?? I don't know??
As the party he is following, follows the doctrine that got us in this mess we are in now.

 's picture

that quote

Exactely mainebob. and I think it must take an altered reality to see these two saying kicking or kissin ass, as the same??? Or what is it??

 's picture

RE:RE: laughing

do it with rule making as in?
turned out of office, if that's the lame duck, that was like finally getting the peoples work done??
before they read, vote on the bill. Just like a Republican. To believe "POLITICS" that say our Senators and staff can't read a bill before voting? BS.
And finally BP trying to destroy our gulf, maybe more? Is a little different than the NAACP............ It never stops amazing me how far from reality Republican operate>>>>????>>>>????

Doreen Sheive's picture

Well deserved

This kind of statement is well deserved. LePage is an embarrassment and unwilling to admit his weaknesses. So long as he denies responsibility, he will continue to be disrespectful and embarrassing.

 's picture

one thing's for sure, lepage

one thing's for sure, lepage warned us about his potty mouth, and people voted for it. Unfortunately, I fear he may be the norm, so maybe he is the personification of Maine. After all, we don't need any national respect.

LePage a joke..

He has made us the butt of alot of ashamed he is our governor..4 years of this..and he probably thinks he's cute saying this..grow up man!!


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