Maine could claim whoopie pie as 'official dessert'

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A Maine lawmaker thinks whoopie pies and the quirky, bittersweet beverage Moxie go together.

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Sun Journal illustration

Rep. Paul Davis of Sangerville has submitted a bill to make the whoopie pie Maine's official state dessert. No doubt, it could be washed down with Moxie, already Maine's official soft drink.

Amos Orcutt, a fan of the high-calorie confection, says lawmakers need to act now before Pennsylvania steals Maine's thunder. He points to a New York Times article giving Pennsylvania credit for inventing the dessert, which consists of creamy frosting sandwiched by a pair of chocolate cakes.

Orcutt, president of the University of Maine Foundation, tells Maine Today Media that "God forbid Pennsylvania might steal our heritage." Whoopie pies are a ubiquitous sight at Maine convenience stores, pastry shops and supermarkets.

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Michael Spencer's picture

difference between fun & frivolous

it's easy to agree that we need a little fun, a little something that distracts us from the underlying truth about TANF being the official state income. what is not easy is to have it wrapped up in this kind of package. it's no fun to be identified as the people who are more concerned with making an obscure cake & cola "official state" items than devoting that same time, energy, & money into heat, health, jobs, etc for our citizens.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You mean buffoon?

You mean buffoon?

 's picture

Whoopie pies (with a big

Whoopie pies (with a big glass of cold milk) and Needhams are my 2 grandmother used to make home made whoopie pies for us grandkids

 's picture

While we're at it, can we

While we're at it, can we make TANF the official state income? Really people, find better ways to waste our tax dollars!

 's picture

not a fan

i'm not a big fan of whoopie pies. i prefer warm apple pie made with maine grown apples and homemade vanilla ice cream. also needhams (choc. covered cooconut for those who don't know).

Judith Abbott's picture

Whoopie Pies as Official Desert

Although I haven't lived in Maine for many years, I do on occassion order a case of Moxie along with a big box of Whoopie pies. And I agree that Whoopie pies and Moxie go together.

 's picture


[This comment has been removed by the administrator]

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

While Mr. Davis is at it, he

While Mr. Davis is at it, he might as well pass a bill to make "How To Floss Your Tooth" the official State video on Dental Hygiene.

 's picture

C'mon.... Really?

Haven't Maine lawmakers got better things to do with their time (and our dollars)? God forbid some other state should "steal our thunder". Steal our thunder?!?! I'd like to think Mainers would like to be known for more than whoopie pies & Paul LePage.


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