Childish behavior

What have we done in electing a governor who acts like a fourth-grader responding to another fourth-grader with, “kiss my butt”? Is this the man who has been chosen to lead Maine, or is this the child who has been chosen?

As a resident of this state, retired from the United States Air Force, and a Vietnam veteran who served alongside my African-American brothers who gave their lives, I am totally embarrassed at what Paul LePage said to his critics about his not attending the state NAACP’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations.

How could he not even send a representative from his office is beyond me.

I feel that I cannot address him as governor. Maybe someday, when he deserves it from me, perhaps, if and when he grows up?

Jim Merrill, Auburn

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Bob Deschenes's picture

Childish Behavior

I did not vote for Me LePage. Thank God. He already show us how the next four years will go. Maine will have it's first nudist colony. Mr Show-ass CEO


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