Choosing to disagree

The editorial of Jan. 16, “Opponents want to drape turbines in more red tape," was very disturbing to citizens who believe they have the right to disagree with a plan for Maine which they’ve found to be poorly crafted.

Yes, former Gov. John Baldacci wanted to get rid of red tape for the wind lobby. It was job security: He hopes to work in the renewable energy field. It was protection for his friends: They’ll make millions from taxpayers' dollars. They'd suffered a loss at Redington. The wind lobby wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again.

It worked. How many wind developers have been denied a permit since that time?

The Sun Journal expects people to feel bad for Angus King. Has he truly spent $5 million, or could that be the triggering number to ensure he receives government subsidies? Before submitting his revised application, he said that stack of paperwork represented $2 million. If the editorial writer is going to quote such high numbers, those figures should be verified.

Does the Sun Journal not want concerned, informed Mainers to oppose a misguided and terribly expensive plan because the developer made a poor judgment call — investing in something which is viable only due to the government's largesse with taxpayer money? Rob Gardiner stated in a 2009 Highland meeting that wind energy couldn’t exist without huge subsidies, and wouldn’t support itself.

I have limited sympathy for wealthy individuals who are selling Maine's “quality of place” in order to fill their pockets with taxpayers' money. Independent Mainers are determined to see common sense rule the day.

I’m disappointed that the Sun Journal chose to castigate Mainers for trying to work within the system established for us, especially when we truly believe this wind energy plan is a colossal mistake, maybe even a scam.

We weren’t allowed to have a "say" before the government foisted an expensive, dangerous plan on Maine. When citizens researched the facts about industrial wind, it was found that wind’s paltry benefits were greatly overshadowed by huge negative impacts.

Regular citizens have been trying to educate others through informational meetings and by sharing resources, distributing literature and talking to  neighbors. Knowledge is power, and power is something our industry-controlled government is taking away from people.

By manipulating Gov. Paul LePage’s desire to cut red tape, the Sun Journal is hoping he and the Legislature will disregard protective bills when they come up for votes. How shameful.

The wind lobby and its media supporters are getting worried. Mainers are known for staring down bullies and doing what is smart.

Karen Pease, Lexington Township

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First Amendment

How dare the LSJ re-write or otherwise censor an insightful letter from a truly concerned citizen writing about one of the most crucial issues facing our state! What ever happened to the newspapers' role as the bulwark of the cherished First Amendment? If you want to re-write anything, LSJ, try researching and rebutting the constant drivel of lies and misrepresentations of the wind industry lobby that you reprint. Seek out and publish the truth about this wind scam!

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good letter

Why is the SJ so blatently pushing for expensive wind power? Do you really to be forced by the gov. to but more expensive electricity? Is there a break for businesses the regular citizens cannot get? Why censor letters you do not agree with? The journalistic integrity of the Maine newspapers is questionable lately, and people are noticing. Lets stop the degradation of the Maine countryside by the scammers from Mass. Good letter anyway , Karen.

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Great Letter.

The Sun Journal was way out of line when it chastised Mainers who disagreed with Baldacci's vision of industrializing Maine's mountains. As citizens of one of the most beautiful states in the nation, we should have a voice in how our natural treasures are treated. If Obama can help save mountain tops from being destroyed in coal country, we can only hope LePage can do the same for the last unspoiled mountain landscapes on the East coast. Dynamiting our mountains for twenty years worth of intermittent and unreliable energy is short sited, even if it will make a select handful of people very wealthy. Abundant and cheap natural gas, along with hydro from Quebec and Labrador, will provide southern New England with all the energy it needs. Maine doesn't need any. We already export forty percent of what we generate and our energy portfolio is one of the greenest in the nation. The Sun Journal should be ashamed of foisting their own ignorant bias on its readership. They should be investigating and reporting on industrial wind with professionalism and honesty.

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Another great source for

Another great source for information is:

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There were other subtle changes to my letter, also, which I didn't specify up above...

Just thought I'd say... I'll try to post it to if I can find the time, and readers can compare the two, for themselves.

Karen Pease
Lexington Twp., Maine

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Choosing to disagree-- and then being edited

While I am pleased the the SJ chose to print my rebuttal to their op-ed, it is rather frustrating to have that disagreement edited. My rebuttal came in under the word limit. My letter was MY opinion. I did not have the ability (or the right) to edit their opinion last Sunday, and yet, my complete words were tampered with.

This IS stil America, right?

In my rebuttal, I did not write "Maybe even a scam". There was no "maybe" in my letter.

In talking about our educational attempts, I wrote: "Regular citizens have been trying to educate our fellow Mainers through informational meetings, LTE’s and by sharing resources, distributing literature and talking to our neighbors. Don’t believe US, but do your own research. Knowledge is power–and power is something our industry-controlled government is taking away from us."

And this was my final paragraph:

"The wind lobby and its media supporters are getting worried. Mainers are known for staring down bullies and doing what is smart. Doing what’s RIGHT. Please educate yourselves on the topic of mountaintop industrial wind. The truth will blow you away.

Karen Pease
Lexington Twp., Maine,,,,, ... and more."

Why would the SJ NOT want Mainers to become educated about this important topic? Why would they NOT include links to resources? When a citizen such as myself is encouraging Mainers to be proactive and study this plan which will impact us for decades, why would this newspaper not wish to contribute to that effort?

This, added to the troubling editorial last Sunday, is worrisome, and I hope it is not indicative of the direction this state and country are headed. What is happening to our freedom of speech?

Karen Pease
Lexington Township, Maine

P.S. See the links above to begin your own research, please.

AMY CHAPMAN's picture

Great letter

One of the most well-written, carefully considered letters I have read about the wind power controversy. Thank you, Karen.


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