Whoopie pie bill doesn't fit Maine

What would a session of the Maine Legislature be without the occasional nutty, pointless, irrelevant bill making its way through committee and into law?

Well, it would be more productive, more focused and less expensive, that's what.

Despite the dire challenges the state faces, and Gov. Paul LePage's desire to restructure state government, Rep. Paul Davis of Sangerville has submitted a bill to make the whoopie pie Maine's official state dessert.

To Amos Orcutt, president of the University of Maine Foundation, this is an urgent matter because Pennsylvania may beat us to it.

"God forbid Pennsylvania might steal our heritage," he told MaineToday Media.

Actually, most websites give the nod to the Keystone State, explaining that the Pennsylvania Amish were probably first.

Either way, do we want really want this title? The pies are simply heart-clogging gut bombs in a state fighting an obesity epidemic.

According to one recipe website, whoopie pies can range up to 650 calories and are stuffed with as many as 30 grams of fat, about half the recommended daily allowance.

Wouldn't something with low-calorie, antioxidant-rich blueberries send a better message and leave outsiders with a more favorable impression of our state?

Maine is, after all, the nation's leading producer of wild blueberries. That's a fact.

Let's adopt a healthy dessert, or no dessert at all, and let Pennsylvania wallow in its whoopie pie notoriety.


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Needs a different job!!

Sounds like this guy needs to focus on something else other than food..how about trying to fix our job market, buddy, or coming up with a plan that everyone will agree on for our health care..is this really what you were elected to do? If this is the focus of your work , then I think you should probably find another job. How about making whoopie pies!!!

Robert Howe's picture

Whoope pie bill

I take issue with the editorial board. Whoopie pies are locally-made, support Maine jobs and taste good. Lighten up!
R. Howe
Coalition of Whoopie PIe Eaters (COWPIE)

AL PELLETIER's picture

important, urgent bill

After they squander legislative time and taxpayer money on this useless issue, lets propose a bill to make "Making Whoopie" out states favorite pastime. How numb is that!!

Bob Woodbury's picture


This is the kind of bill Gov. LePage MIGHT be able to understand.

John Clement's picture

Now if they made it a crap

Now if they made it a crap sandwich that would be more relevant to what we have had to eat from Augusta for the last 3 decades.


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