Nuisance storm dumps 6 inches of snow

LEWISTON — By Maine standards, it was an average January storm. Six inches of snow fell across the Lewiston region while other areas got slightly less or slightly more. Between 5 and 8 inches were reported just about everywhere.

Winter whitewash
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Jeff Cressey of Lewiston is covered as he uses a snowblower to clear his neighbor's driveway on Blake Street in Lewiston Friday.

Winter whitewash
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Jeff Cressey of Lewiston is covered as he uses a snowblower to clear his neighbor's driveway on Blake Street in Lewiston Friday.

Snow dump
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Wayne Spiller dumps a load of snow from the roof of the Cathay Hut Restaurant in Lewiston on Friday as his brother Joey waits to dump his shovelful.

Nonetheless, more than 200 schools and businesses were closed as the latest storm barged through the state. Some businesses never opened while others sent workers home early. The state sent all of its employees home at 3 p.m.

In Gray, a tractor-trailer slid off the interstate, causing other cars to skid out of control. The wreck snarled traffic, but no injuries were reported.

Most cities and towns imposed parking bans as crews went about clearing streets and side roads. In the Lewiston-Auburn area, the storm blew on through the lunch hour, with snow swirling in winds that gusted up to 35 mph. By 3 p.m., it was over. The clouds parted and blue skies appeared.

Once more, fresh snow meant elation for skiers.

"Well Sugarloafers, you asked for it," declared the message on the Sugarloaf Mountain Resort website. "Snow! I have yet another powder day under my belt for this season. Today was absolutely amazing."

"Here’s the scoop," trumpeted the message at Sunday River Ski Resort. "It’s Friday afternoon and it’s snowing — no, rather dumping. Three inches have fallen since last night and, in the last nine days alone, we’ve received 30 inches of new snow and the number keeps climbing."

Temperatures are expected to dive over the weekend, thanks to an arctic blast. Forecasters say that on Saturday, temperatures won't rise out of the teens and may drop well below zero by early next week.

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 's picture


ENJOY ALL YOUR MONEY MAKING NOW SPRING IS ON IT'S WAY ?????? Maine does not get the winter's it did so enjoy ... Cold >>>>> ?????

 's picture

I did

I don't think its better else where, I know it is. I left nearly 15 years ago and haven't looked back. I'll visit when there isn't snow on the ground and cold in the air.. otherwise.. thanks, I'll stay where I am now.

 's picture

Need a break!

Okay snow gods, we need a little break here. At least long enough to have our plow operators get some rest and so we can schedule to remove snow banks in the downtown!


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