You beat the Dems, now fix the problems

The symbolic vote to repeal last year's health care bill came off as scheduled Wednesday, fulfilling what Republicans feel was a central promise made to voters in November.

As predicted, Democrats got another shellacking in the final tally, 245-189, with three Democrats crossing the aisle to support repeal.

And, as predicted, the vote will now disappear as a historical footnote when the Senate refuses to bring it forward for a vote.

What now?

Republicans plan to stop or slow down implementation of the reforms and conduct as many investigations as possible to make Democrats look as bad as possible before the next election.

Which, of course, does nothing to solve any of the serious health care problems we face right now.

If "ObamaCare" is bad, what the American people really need from House Republicans is something better.

If there is anything "job-killing" about health care, it's the system we have now.

Employers are increasingly unable to keep up with the cost of medical care, plus the pass-along costs of treating the uninsured.

How do we fix that?

Health care is now 17 percent of gross domestic product and, at the current rate of growth, will be 20 percent by 2019. By then, one of five dollars in our economy will be spent on health care.

How do we fix that?

People with pre-existing conditions are afraid to leave their jobs, lose their jobs or try other careers because they will likely be uninsurable.

How do we fix that?

People without insurance, and even those with insurance, live in fear of being bankrupted by a severe illness.

How do we fix that?

Medicare and Medicaid expenses are growing so quickly that they will eventually dominate the federal budget.

How do we fix that?

The political gridlock on this issue is particularly frustrating, given that other nations have learned how to curb costs and provide better results.

Health care is 17 percent of GDP here. The average for other industrialized countries is about 9 percent.

We spend $7,290 per person on health care, compared with an average of $2,964 for other industrialized countries. The second-highest country, Norway, spends $4,763.

What's more, our health care results are not very good by a variety of measures. Physicians per capita, life expectancy, infant mortality, hospital beds per capita — we lag behind other nations who have managed to insure all of their people.

The system isn't working, we aren't getting our money's worth and it is unsustainable in the long term.

Democrats took their shot at fixing these problems. Maybe they didn't get it right, but at least they tried.

Attacking the other guy's plan is easy compared to solving the problems.

If Republicans hope to gain power in 2012, it's time to stop shouting from the sidelines and come up with a better plan.

If ObamaCare isn't "change we can believe in," give us something we can.

What do you think of this story?

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Jim Cyr's picture

Those on the side lines!

Mr. Cranky Yankee,
You also must read the Constitution! The Preamble says "Promote the general welfare". Not Provide! And the socialist welfare system had no vision at that time. Our Founders were true believers of "Individual Freedoms and not Socialism!

Jim Cyr's picture


Mr. Veritas, The power that Congress has so usurped so many times is power dedicated to us We The People! And when the Liberal Jurist on the Supreme Court make a Constitutional ruling, as is their authority and has done so on numerous occasions, it does not mean it is in the Principals of our Founders. I have no idea what Ohms Law has with the topic at hand. Must you all ways be so negative and hateful? We only come around once! And if we don't leave it better for our futures, we might as well give in to The New World Order and sign our Rights away to the United Nation!

Jim Cyr's picture

Health care being a "For Profit" Industry

Mr. Veritas,
The Commerce Clause was simply designed to give the Federal Government sufficient power to insure the "free flow of commerce so that the States would not interfere with inter-state shipments as they had done in the past. Since 1936 the original intent of the Founders has been expanded to include Federal control over practically everything which affects inter-state commerce either directly or indirectly. This usurpation of authority by Congress (which has been upheld by the Supreme Court) has shattered some of the most important restrictions on Federal intervention in the business and commercial life of the nation.
You are either a Constitutionalist or the ENEMY!

RONALD RIML's picture


As an electrician you know Ohm's Law is Ohm's Law - so if you grab a 240 line with a 120 ohm resistance across your butt you'll have two amps frying yer azz.... But what SCOTUS ruled Constitutional in the past ain't necessarily so today.

So who's authority are you alleging Congress usurped here, Jim?? And remember - SCOTUS gets to be the arbiter according to the Constitution.

 's picture

You beat the Dems, now fix the Problems

Lot's of Problems, but this is just one, healthcare....
Yellow Dog, Cranky yankee, Quicknote, Veritas. I agree 100%.
Show them we see it's 2012 is all they are looking at, sure isn't jobs?, sure isn't the middle class, and that we know they are OK with tearing the country, middle class, down, as long as it hurts Obama. We know they have NO stinkin solutions, never have, never will as long as Obama is in there.
Let them know we do remember. We see how it's all a complete 180 turn around, from Clintons try on Reform. 180 !!. What they want now, is the opposite from the last time. They have to know we know this?? But to show you how stupid they think we all are, look at the GOP home page, half way down the page, you see the same things I showed you the GOP got into the health care bill, they are still saying they want in? I guess they STILL HAVEN'T READ IT??? Show you what they are doing for sure.....
Then they all need to feel what they want to do to us, we need to let them know we won't pick up the tab for their healthcare anymore. Great idea!!
And this is peoples health, living or dying, no bigger problem for the human race. At least here in USA> So they, all of us,SAY>>>, I demand all of US get together and help your fellow man..... YES WE CAN!!!

Their are millions in REAL need. You can't just keep saying it is only the people that are playing the system that get or help and money. IS NOT SO!!! If you think that you have to get out a lot more. Just like bending facts to fit opinions, we have to show them we have had it with that, see it, and all needs to change right NOW!

Now, how the heck do we do that???

With health care?? Why don't we get the best people we have in USA and figure out using math, science, economics, COMPLETELY BI-PARTISAN, and get a system that works? And if it has problems down the road, make sure problems are addressed and fixed? I have idea's for reforming health care, but we need the experts on this........WAY TO BIG!!! NEED THE BEST MINDS WORKING ON THIS.....

Are we NOT SMART ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS on our own, not us on SJ anyway.???

RONALD RIML's picture

If You're not Part of the Solution You are Part of the Problem

And with Health -care - that more aptly defines the Republicans than anything else..........

 's picture

Fix the Problem, on subject!!

I have always known, to fix a problem you first have to realize what the problem is.. Kind of a no brainer in my book....That is why I'm posting this link again. From the horses mouth, from the new found religious leader of the right. A strong example of something that needs fixed right now. And all I hear is???? the same..... :( and or attacks back???
Perhaps they forgot? Hence, the tape and I not going to let you forget until you show me how you will fix this stuff.......??? I see this stuff as a big, big problem...

If you think this rhetoric needs fixed, and fixed now!!, please click agree
If you think this does NOT need fixed or this rhetoric makes no dif, please click disagree

Ed Enos's picture

Not a bad idea

I work in healthcare and it is very frustrating watching patients in the parking lot sucking down the last dreg of that cigarette. I know for a fact that when I change insurance, I am checked for smoking, chol., and my wt is recorded. And I run the risk of being denied insurance or paying more, based on what that data is. And I have a deductible that I have to meet out of pocket before my "benefits" kick in. MaineCare users don't have a deductible, or any financial interest that I'm aware of. It is time for the users of MaineCare to have a little responsibility for their lifestyle choices. I'm not asking for $50 or $100 deductible for an ED visit, but a copay equal to a pack of cigarettes and the Dunkin Donuts large coffee is not unreasonable to ask.


It's all about 2012

Obviously it's all about 2012. Rather than "fix" anything the main thrust of Congressional Republicans will be to keep unemployment as high as possible and try for a second dip in the housing market - hence the target placed on FNMA and GNMA which are involved in 90% of new mortgages. Dry up that source, cut the federal work force, repeal economic stimulus and use Darryl (I am not a car thief) Issa to tie up the administration same as Newtie did to Clinton.

Solutions? We don't need no stinkin' solutions.

Jim Cyr's picture

States Issue!

Mr. Blanker,
You must read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights before you rant the Progressive agenda without knowing the truth. Read in particular the 10th amendment of the Bill of Rights. And if the state of Maine is unable to afford health care for all of it's citizens, how is the Federal Gov going to afford it more? Print more Fiat paper?

 's picture

Jim PS: SJ, ????? What just happened here??

did you think we had a chance to afford the system we had, and still have most of. It was BROKE, Broke, Broke, broke, and had been for years, and very worse thing of all, costing Americans lives,,,,,,,,,,, You must live a very easy good life if you never noticed what our health care system was doing to Americans...

Listen, Look back to Clinton vs Republicans vs health care. The Republicans were the ones that PUT everyone had to pay in the bill, because they knew the Insurance companies would go broke with out everyone paying..... This is all history and known??
Again, all that is done by Republicans is just stop Obama, no matter what it is, and sad to say, no matter if it helps or hurts Americans, if it hurt Obama they want to do it? SAD?

I think we should make health insurance companies non profit, then we would get much cheaper insurance and we all wouldn't have to pay into it as that would get it affordable in one swoop. We are paying to keep the screwed system with insurance companies as just the middle man. Stupid it seems to me??? But...
Watch this and if this doesn't tell you how stupic US Americans are being, well you just blind then......
Watch this and this should show you it can be done much better than we are doing health care. Just so much we could do if we would wake up and use our brain???
Their is so much we could do if we would just get together and decide we were going to help Americans and do WE WERE GOING TO MAKE SURE WE DID IT RIGHT!!!! Instead we have to act like complete idiots.
I think the Constitution lets the people rule, if we want this health insurance, then it would be so.........and written........ and I do want it...... plus, I want more and better later.....we can always fix this bill later in the future........ when we can get together and do it better than this one. At least this one got 30 million more Americans covered at the same cost as before :)

GARY SAVARD's picture

Adding 30 million people to

Adding 30 million people to the system without addressing costs is exactly why the democrats got big pharma to support the bill. Obamacare as it is constitutes a farce played on the American people served up like a Chicago style pizza. Any program that does not balance cost controls with services delivered is a sham, but it does play well with people that are in dire straits pertaining to their health care coverage and the ever growing segment of the American public that believes that the entitlement programs that support their butts are really "free".

Jim  Riman's picture


If you remember when the health bill was being debated, the republicans offered a few ideas which were rejected by the democrats. They suggested a limit on lawsuits involving doctors. That was turned down. They offered the idea of allowing us to by health insurance across state lines like we do with care insurance. That was turned down. Then when it came time to vote for this monstrosity, arms had to be twisted and backroom deals made in order to get the number of votes needed to pass it. Then when asked for the chance to read the 1000 pages or so, the former speaker said, "Let's pass the bill and then find out what is in it." Doesn't that make sense. Now that the republicans have acted on their campaign promise to repeal this terrible bill, why is Harry Reid afraid to let come to the senate floor for debate?

 's picture

prayser1 this is part 1 of 2

i just could not resist this.
prayser1, I am a firm believer that if a person hears something over and over again they believe it, and take that for real, regardless if it is or not. I find the internet completely choked with right wing politics, so much so it is a long process to find truth....some of the cause of your thinking I suspect???

I will tell you what I remember about these last 2 years and health care, like you told me what you remember? I remember some debate, but the debate was very much overshadowed with stop Obama, socialist, communist, and the very worse politics I've seen in my entire life. It was clear if this was going to pass, the Republicans were not going to help, only try and stop Obama, just like now. Remember the 3 Republicans that worked on that bill with Wener? then all 3 voted against the bill they helped make? Nothing has changed in 2 years on this stuff folks?? The Democrats finally had to buckled down and make something that would pass and they did it. Wasn't easy and I really didn't think they could do it. I fully believe if Republicans had genuine desire to work on something FOR THE PEOPLE, that would have been done.
Prayser1 This is post 1 of 2. This next one I want to make short and sweet so it might stand at a turning point of you thoughts. PLEASE READ PART 2 CLOSELY, AND PLEASE CHECK IT OUT FOR TRUTH OR GOD FORBID, OPINION...:)

 's picture

Part 2

Truth is, below are 6 ideas of Republicans in the bill....didn't you say something else???
I know, it's hard to read all that.....

First, the buying across state lines is in there.

Section 1333, states can buy health insurance across state lines

Allow individuals, small businesses, and trade associations to pool together and acquire health insurance at lower prices, the same way large corporations and labor unions do Section 1312

Give states the tools to create their own innovative reforms that lower health care costs." Section 1302

End junk lawsuits Section 6801

The tax break for employer-sponsored insurance

Private-market plan, biggest deal here, as this killed the single payer, which would of saved the most $, by far.

Tell me please. How is it you don't know this? I suspect it is the same reason you heard our united states Senator say, they didn't have time to read the bill before voting??
2 years working on it?
And they have a staff. This is another thing repeated over and over you believe without even looking to see if it's truth.
Do Republicans Just bend facts to fit their opinions

should be the opposite you know??

 's picture

from the people on the hill
just in case you don't believe what I said above....

Jim  Riman's picture

Democrat Kool Aid

It was the House Speaker who said, and I quote "let's pass the bill and then read to see what is in it."
If this bill was so good, why did Nancy and Harry have to twist some democrat arms and make some last minute
back room deals to get it passed?
I guess the democratic kool aid must be really good.

 's picture

Democrat Kool Aid ????

prayser 1, their you go again. :)
I hope I can show you something more, Stuff you are holding that isn't true. Like the 6 Republican ideas in the health bill...

Here is the quote you talk about above. You see how you want to believe, so I guess you just believe, things that ARE NOT TRUE.......???

What are you going to come up with next??
Just because you drink kool aid
don't think for a second everyone does
I don't.....

 's picture


That VeroCosts. includes 30 million more Americans covered doesn't it? 30 million that didn't have coverage before?
We could do better, and that is one of my problems. Our elected officials could do better for this country. I am one of those that want the best, every American covered health care system in the world. A not for profit system seems like the best to me, or at least a single payer to keep the costs down. With health care, I lean toward what's best for humans, not what is best for Corporations after the dollar....If we would all get together to help this country and it's people, we could figure some way. Watch this and this should show you it can be done much better than we are doing health care.

Through all entities in its public-private system, the U.S. spends more per capita than any other nation in the world, but is the only wealthy industrialized country in the world that lacks some form of universal health care. In March 2010, the US Congress passed regulatory reform of the American health insurance system. However since this legislation is not fundamental health care reform, it is unclear what its effect will be and as the new legislation is implemented in stages, with the last provision in effect in 2018, it will be some years before any empirical evaluation of the full effects on the comparison can be determined.
We could do a lot better. But>>>>>>>>>>>...?

 's picture


Jim Cyr's picture

Health Care

Is a States issue. None of that responsibility is on the shoulders of the Fed. Gov.

Mark Wrenn's picture

oh, okay

Right. Except for that whole interstate commerce part.

RONALD RIML's picture

Health Care being a "For Profit" Industry

It may be regulated under the Commerce Clause

 's picture

states issue?

It says you live in Maine? hmmm.
Where I live in Maine they are actually talking about closing our New School, as we are past broke. Like someone said above in another post. Medicare would be the cheapest, fastest, best for the countries way to go for the people, for sure.
You will have to show me how the State of Maine could take care of our health care costs. Lets get real please...Did you listen to this interview this morning. This is what LePage's track record is to date, do you think things will change. Do you think he has a coherent plan to provide health care to people in need here in Maine?? If so let me know because I haven't heard a thing?? And all we have heard so far is lie's. See below....

THESE ARE THE PEOPLE RUNNING MAINE!!!! They are flat out lying to us in MAINE... Like we are stupid or something??

RONALD RIML's picture

One of the Best Editorials Ever......

It's so much easier to throw stones than to create edifices from them.

 's picture

nothing good, wonder why beck has been so quiet?

Republicans need to run. It is becoming clear....... to some anyway......

 's picture

JUST HEARD THIS ON TWITTER. This is very clear.

This is very clear. We are in BIG TROUBLE, THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO GET BETTER!! My God, listen to this. It just came over twitter. My God Folks, Did YOU vote for this???? Just UNREAL AND VERY SCARY!!!
THESE ARE THE PEOPLE RUNNING MAINE!!!! They are flat out lying to us in MAINE... Like we are stupid or something??

Andrew MacIsaac's picture

As usual...

George is off topic.

 's picture


health care cost were posied to take the country down. Health Care costs were going to be 25% of gdp soon, and rising out of any control?
Is it your memory? or is it you live in a different world than the rest of US? What is the reason that you don't know or remember this?


Obamacare has been a sham

Obamacare has been a sham perpetrated on the American people and both sides are guilty of neglecting our needs. We have an excellent system in this country called Medicare that does a credible job of helping seniors. This could be expanded to all. While many will say we cannot afford it and that Medicare is bankrupting the Nation, I say tweak it and improve on it. As it is doctors and suppliers charge exhorbitant fees and settle for pennies on the dollar; no one wants price controls, but providers of medical services have to be made to realize they have to price their services reasonably. Socialized medicine is scary and a close look at other nations who have it reveals there can be long wait times for rationed services, and in many instances private insurance for private medical systems exist to take care of the wealthy, which is not the American way. Probably the best way to improve Health Services in this country would be to pass a law that Congress cannot exempt itself from whatever they give us, (this is all they would have), and while at it the same law could say that Congress must live with Social Security and not their Golden plan that they now have. This would also quickly save Social Security. In other words, force these Elitists in Congress to live under the same circumstances they expect us to live under. Only when we the voters insist on this will we have solutions to our problems.

 's picture

Don't hold your breathe

Don't hold your breathe waiting for the republicans to offer anything. They had they're chance to make a great bill last year and they just sat on their hands. They refused to do anything constructive, and they are already holding true to form. All they care about is stopping the Affordable Health Care Act, both on the Federal and State level. But no one has offered anything better, because they don't care. The current system suits them fine, and if a few people are left behind, too bad, they've got theirs. THAT'S the republican mantra, we've go ours and they rest can go to he..


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