Investigation continues into drive-by shooting

LEWISTON — Police released few details Sunday about a drive-by shooting that occurred Saturday night on Marble Street that left one person with minor injuries.

Shots rang out shortly before 8:30 p.m. Saturday on Marble Street directly behind the former Pettingill Elementary School, a usually quiet residential neighborhood nestled between College Street and Central Avenue.

Several shots were fired at the home of Tom and Jamie Bolduc, who told the Sun Journal Saturday night that shots were also fired at the home of their daughter, who lives down the street.

Lt. Mark Watson of the Lewiston Police Department confirmed Sunday that a second home in the area sustained damage during the incident but declined to release the address or name of the homeowner. He wouldn't say whether shots were fired at that residence or if there was some other type of damage.

Watson also confirmed reports that one person sustained minor injuries but declined to release the victim's name due to the ongoing investigation. 

Jamie Bolduc told the Sun Journal that three white males chased a black male from her daughter's home after shots were fired there first. She said the men chased the suspect to her home, where more shots were fired. Neither she nor her husband were home at the time.Watson said that authorities believe three or four shots actually hit the home.

Watson said that he could not comment on whether police have any suspects. No arrests had been made as of Sunday night.

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Corey Nelson's picture

Maine Laws being broken

Why dont this law effect crack that is being taking into this familys home rather she knew or not it was still in her home. The law clearly states the old rules as well as revised bill. This family lives right next to a school and in a school zone, but yet this did not apply??
A bill based on the panel’s recommendation has been introduced that would reduce the zones to 200 feet from the present size of 1,000 feet around schools and 500 feet around parks and public housing. Drug dealers in the smaller zones would face five to 10 years in prison, compared to three to five years under current law — but judges would have more discretion in sentencing.
More info on this law can be found online.

Corey Nelson's picture

Levers DayCare

After all this shootings, drug dealings, no one seems to ever be charged and the same officer handles each crime that involves this family, it makes you wonder if they have ties with the Lewiston Police Dept. It just seems real fishy, when reading the reports. As for there day care Id be willing to bet $100.00 that none of the people who work there go through back ground checks have you seen there so called teachers, Why DHHS has not came in and shut them down is a wonder. Do they have friends and ties with DHHS as well someone has to be getting paid off. Any other business with this much attention would be under investegation right away. DHHS is supose to be protecting our kids but after reading this it dont sound like they are really doing there jobs and who's to say the next drive by is not going to be at the day care center when these people see one of the girls cars in the parking lot. Are parents really going to want to take that chance your talking about young children. This family should not be owning or operating a day care center with the lives they live. If you have childrend attending Levers id really think about looking else where. I know after reading this if I had kids this is the last day care center id send my kids to. DHHS YOU REALLY NEED TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE PEOPLES CHILDREN ARE AT RISK!

Shannon White's picture

OK first it says 20

OK first it says 20 comments...why cant I read all 20 on here?
Second I want to ask would you want to be punished for mistakes your children make? I know I would'nt nor would I want my parents punished for mistakes I made when younger. Yes we all make them. I have met Meagan and the Erica who works at Levers far as I know its not the Erica in this situation. Because Erica tells us what happened who are we to say that isnt how it happened? The only person who can say that is wrong it didnt happen that way are the people involved and the police. Doesnt sound like anyone here falls under this discription. Tha article that brings up police finding or suspecting a bag at Jamie's house with crack in where in that article did Jamie get accused of knowing, hiding or selling this crack so why so quick to accuse her? I dont check bags of my friends and I am pretty sure if someone had a crack ball as big as a tennis ball they wouldnt be bragging about it. Duh. Jamie was not charged therefore she did nothing wrong in this situation. Now, the article about the drive by...something I am not familiar of happening often in Lewiston Maine if at all. Scary to neighbors, scary to all of us as we dont want to think of this in our town. I picture this in like NY or Boston, dont you? How scary do you think it was for this family to think about what if..what if someone was shot what if someone died? Then would you get off the high horse or would you say its their fault? Just because someone shot at Erica and Jamie's homes doesnt mean they knew them...could mean what Erica said that someone was in her place stealing and she yelled at the guys by the car so they shot there to. Who knows that could be true it could be wrong. Even if it was a drug issue is it Jamie's fault her children may have or are involved with these type of men? Should Jamie have no daycare because her children hang out with the wrong crowd? When I was a teen I hung out downtown with a rough crowd but should I be punished now when I have cleaned up my life? No I shouldnt be. I had both of my children at Levers daycare and I had no issues. I showed up at random times due to the rumors I had heard, I spoke to my children and asked how they liked it and what they did. NOT one time did my kids say anything bad about the staff, about how they were treated. I always heard I dont want to leave and how much fun they had. My son went to Jamie's house to use the pool and they were kept safe. Would I want him at Jamie's house right now with what just happened no but did Jamie ask for this? NO. I often saw Jamie in the daycare and my children liked her, Meagan had a way with the "naughty" kids. She was able to get their attention and talk to them about what they did wrong. So when you think of her hanging out with the wrong crowd also think of her taking time to help the kids who are troubled. Kids who have been kicked out of other daycares because of behavior go to Levers....because Jamie and her staff give them a chance and work with them and guess what they are still good kids. I am a single mom and I qualify for no help and when I was behind in childcare they didnt kick my children out they worked with me getting caught up because they were compassionate and understanding. So should the daycare be shut down because Jamie gives kids a chance, gives them a place to be safe and learn to behave? Should Jamie be put down because she helps the under dog? Because she helps single moms? No she should'nt be, she should be given kudos for helping people, for having a heart. So when you discuss Levers daycare remember these positive things as there are more stories just like it. Jamie and her family are victims in this drive by rather Erica or Meagan knew them. What Jamie allows in her house is her business. Sounds like she helps out others and maybe they have a bad back ground or have gotten into trouble but that has nothing to do with her daycare. When we are all perfect we can put others down but noone is perfect and hopefully this will help her children to see what can happen if this infact is because of drugs. Thank you Levers staff for giving my kids a good experience while attending Levers. SW

Marlene R.  Shields's picture

Have been listening to it for years

Erica, Dear! How nice for you that you think 'all the neighbors love you'. Au contraire! I've listened to numerous stories of your "wild child adventures" over the years while we were living in Lewiston..................and they had nothing to do with how much the people in that neighborhood "loved" you while it was going on. LOTS of sadness for your grandparents----- who are wonderful people! Rather a bit of 'what goes around, comes around' in terms of your mother......... And not much patience with your inability to get the slugs out of your personal life and clean up your act. It's the old story about laying down with dogs and getting up with fleas! Time to get off your high horse and sweep out the trash.

Heather Costa's picture

This sucks.

I think its scary and stinky that there are drive by shootings in the State of Maine.............Period.

Cathi Gonzalez's picture

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

I am so glad that Madeleine and her followers have perfect lives. Unlike many of the rest of us, it seems that Madeleine and her family (including her ADULT children) have never done anything wrong in their lives. Unfortunately for the rest of us normal people, either we ourselves or our children have done something to give our family a bad name. We are all human and we all make mistakes, poor choices, etc. Unfortunately, some of those poor choices and bad decisions have affected our families, who are completely innocent in the whole thing. Such has happened to Jaime and Tom Bolduc. Decisions that their ADULT children have made have affected them and the rest of their family and in fact have caused them to be put in situations they normally would not have been in.
Since Madeleine likes to quote things out of text, I would like to cite some additional facts from

In the 2008 incident involving drugs being found in the Bolduc home, the Bolducs were entirely cooperative with the investigation and Jaime in fact gave them permission to search any room in her house.

"[Officer Wayne] Clifford had no reason to believe that anyone at 81 Marble other than the defendant was involved in drug trafficking."

"Campbell then spoke to the Bolducs in their kitchen, assuring them that agents were seeking their cooperation in finding a bag left by the defendant, believed to contain crack, and were not otherwise interested in their home."

As you can see from the Magistrate's findings, the investigation was not into Tom or Jaime Bolduc, nor Erica or Meagan or any other member of their family. The investigation was that of the Defendant in said case and nothing more.
Madeleine, are you fooling yourself into believing that you are fully aware of the contents of every bag that has ever been brought into your home? I doubt it. Did you stand at your door and strip search every one of your children(s)' friends before they came in your house. If so, I highly doubt your children ever had any visitors.
Jaime took every precaution she could as a parent and a responsible adult to keep her family safe. She continues to do so.

"When Jaime discovered that the defendant had stayed overnight, she asked him not to, explaining that she had enough people in her home, including small children, and did not have an open-door policy. Because they have young children, the Bolducs have a household rule that no boyfriend is permitted to sleep overnight in their home."

Now, after reading that...does Jaime Bolduc sound like a horrible person with no morals? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

My three children attended Lever's Daycare for 5-12 years each. I NEVER had a problem with any of the Bolducs, nor did I ever question my sons' safety at the daycare or at the Bolducs home. You see, because my sons spent the majority of their early years, and before and after school through 6th grade at Lever's Daycare, they formed a bond not only with the staff at Lever's Daycare, but with the owner herself - yes, the owner, big bad Jaime Bolduc. Jaime and Tom and their entire family have been a constant support to me as a single mother. They are ALWAYS there to help me when I am struggling. My boys and I are always welcome in their home at any time and any of them would run to our aide if needed.

Don't any of you think for one minute that this is killing the Bolducs emotionally? Do you think they condone this activity in their home? Do you really think they like being the center of negative attention? Don't you think they are feeling bad enough about this happening to them (because, yes, they are victims here)? Do you think your nasty comments and pointing out all the negative things ever said about them is helping them? If you are so concerned about safety and other things, why don't you stop wasting your time bashing people you really don't know and stop talking about situations you know nothing about and spend a little time feeling sorry for them and thanking God that your family is so perfect.

Very few people know exactly what went on on Saturday night on Marble Street. Once the truth comes out, and you find out what really happened, maybe you'll shut up and eat your words. But probably not because you are so perfect that you probably can't admit when you are wrong either.


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