PHOTO: Drive-by shooting

Lewiston shooting
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Lewiston Police Detective Trevor Campbell photographs a bullet hole in a window at the home of Tom and Jamie Bolduc at 81 Marble St. in Lewiston late Saturday night. According to Jamie Bolduc, after shots were fired at the home of her daughter who lives down the street, three white males chased a black male to her home where more shots were fired. Neither she nor her husband were home at the time. Police were not releasing details because the investigation was ongoing.

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Cathi Gonzalez's picture

blah blah blah

yes, the school was open in 2007; however, these people on there are insinuating that Jaime and/or her daughters should have been arrested and charged for the drugs that belonged to someone else...the Defendant in the case that was cited by Madeleine. What people are forgetting here is that the real criminal was arrested, charged, and sentenced.

 's picture

The police department can't

The police department can't not sentence them, they can arrest them as many times as you want, but it is up to the Judicial system in Maine to get them off the streets. You can sit here and blame Lewiston Police Dept. all you want, but they don't have much if any say after they are arrested. Also, I am assuming that the reason Mr. Campbell is brought up is because this is part of the area in which he is asked to patrol.

 's picture

I find it humorous that those

I find it humorous that those 3 disagree, question for you people who disagree, when did police officers take on the task of keeping people behind bars? If that was the case the guys that broke the officers leg a couple months back wouldn't have gotten off with JUST community service.

 's picture

So are you agreeing that

So are you agreeing that because they have a good rapport with this detective that he should be automatically be investigated? If so I don't think it is terrorist the U.S. should be worried about. Reminds me of good ol' Joseph McCarthy or the witch trials.

 's picture

Another fact: Maine was one

Another fact: Maine was one of only a few states not to sign on to Clinton's welfare reforms that would have put time constraints on benefits.


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