Rumford Police seek info on truck involved in hit-and-run

RUMFORD — Police have identified the white pickup truck that struck a pedestrian Saturday night on Route 2 and then fled the scene as a 2007-11 Chevy Silverado with an extended cab.

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Light snow was falling Tuesday morning at the intersection of Washington Street and Route 2 (Rumford Avenue) where police say Rumford pedestrian Robert McKinnon, 32, was struck from behind Saturday night while walking along the west-bound lane of Route 2 in the foreground at right by a pickup truck driver who fled the scene.

However, they are still looking for help from the public and mechanics to track it down, Detective Sgt. James Bernard said Tuesday morning.

“We've been able to determine that the suspect vehicle is a white Chevy pickup of between the years of 2007 to 2011,” he said, based on evidence left behind.

The pedestrian, Robert McKinnon, 32, of Rumford, was treated and released at Rumford Hospital following the 7:42 p.m. incident at the intersection of Route 2 (Rumford Avenue) and Washington Street.

Bernard said McKinnon was struck from behind while walking along the west-bound lane. He said he didn't know whether McKinnon was wearing dark clothing or why he wasn't walking on the sidewalk along the east-bound lane.

There isn't any crosswalk at the intersection and snowbanks force anyone walking along the west-bound lane to travel in the roadway.

According to witnesses, the driver of the truck stopped only long enough to determine that they hit someone, and then fled the scene. It isn't yet known if the driver was a man or woman.

“We have no suspects at this time,” Bernard said.

“We encourage anyone who has any information — whether it be an auto body repair shop that's been asked to fix or have fixed, damage to the passenger side headlight to contact the Rumford Police Department.”

He said the whole department is working diligently to solve the case.

“Each shift that comes on is updating the oncoming shift about it and anything new, so that we're all working together to hopefully get this solved,” Bernard said.

To help, people can call Rumford police anonymously via 364-4551 or use the department website anonymous tip form at

Information about the crash and updates are also posted on the department's Facebook site at

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 's picture

hit an runners are cowards

most likely they were drunk, had no license, or both.

 's picture

The time was 7:42 PM, not AM.

The time was 7:42 PM, not AM. The correct time may help people remember if they saw anything. Thanks

TERRY KARKOS's picture

p.m. not a.m.

Got it. Thanks, Kristy. My bad


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