Being crude is not good

It's official — Maine has an oaf for governor, and a hypocritical one at that.

Paul LePage ran for office on an austerity platform, but among the first things he did once in office was to hire his daughter (with no job experience) to be an aide. He called it an entry-level position (at $41,000 salary). Where in Maine state government is there an entry-level job that even comes close to $41,000?

I guess austerity is just for the rest of us, but not his family.

And there is more. A respected civil rights group requested his presence several times at events it was holding. His reply? "Kiss my butt." His staff asserts it was just his usual directness. They, and he, don't seem to know the difference between being direct, which is good, and being crude, which is not.

Mainers, like the rest of the country, are looking for civility in political discourse. Gov. LePage doesn't seem ready to deliver. He claimed that he had other commitments and, moreover, didn't want to spend time with "special interest groups." The news that evening featured LePage meeting with small business leaders. In what universe would that not be a special group?

One consolation here is that I'm in the majority, given that in the last election 62 percent voted against LePage. So, after all this, I have to say that if his administration were a book, I'd be afraid to turn LePage (sorry, it was there, I had to use it).

David Dawn, Auburn

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Mark Elliott's picture

You are a little misguided

You are a little misguided David, he didn't say "kiss my butt" because he was invited to the breakfast! If you listen to the FULL context, you will see he said it because they were implying that he was a racist! Something the NAACP does quite regularly with public figures.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Entry level salaries

As A Marden's store manager 20 years ago I enjoyed a good paycheck and benifits, but never in my wildest dream could I, or would I, have given a fresh out of college kid with a B.D. a job that paid more then I was getting. Only state officials can do this, not the private sector. Only government officials have health insurance, life insurance and benefits we, in the private sector can't even imagine and we as voters tolerate it. What a country !!

Mark Elliott's picture

$41,000 is not at all what it

$41,000 is not at all what it was 20 years ago! 20 years ago, if I had been making 40k, I would have had money falling out of my pockets. I couldn't survive on 40k today!.......not without making some MAJOR cutbacks, you know, the house, the car, clothes for the kids, etc....

Mark Elliott's picture

Sweetfern, as an "experienced

Sweetfern, as an "experienced store manager" you must also understand that 20 years is a LONG time when you are talking about wages. We ALL made a lot less 20 years ago.........only 10 years ago I was a store manager as well. I made less than 40k but that same job today pays more that 40k. We all have different opinions of our Governor, but let's use some common sense in our discussions ok?

 's picture

Woody the Buffoon

Woody, that sounds like a woodpecker or a has been DJ Woody did you vote for Eliot Cutler? Talk abou being a buffoon. Buffoon's usually don't get elected to the Office of the Governor.So Woody i am wondring what is it that your hoping will get better? Just what is important to you?

 's picture

Ever heard of...


 's picture

Crude Etc

Try and clean up you language. Pi*************************ed is unacceptable Language .

 's picture

Being crude is not Good?

It's Offical David Dawn is a self centered Idiot. Who really cares what you think? Get over it. if you are not happy with Governor Lepage, may I suggesst that you relocate to Canada with Randy Quiad and Alec Baldwin. Because we don't need you.

 's picture

So far...

we have an embarrassing buffoon for a governor. I'm hoping things will get better.

Jason Theriault's picture

So far?

First off, I was pissed about the kiss my butt comment, but after hearing it in context, I really didn't think it was that bad.

LePage has been in office a few weeks, it's really too early to form an opinion on his administration. But he has made some real partisan moves that may endear him to his base, but in reality do nothing.

He is allowing police to ask about immigrant status. Well, that should help Maine with our illegal Canadian problem.
He hired his daughter. Again, he can hire anyone he wants, but it looks bad. He should have gotten her a job at Marden's.
His AG is looking to going the lawsuit over Health Care Reform. Because there isn't better things to spend our money on, lending our moral support.

Nothing fatal, nothing that will save or sink the state. Just stuff to make the Tea Partiers happy. Hopefully, he can start doing his job soon. Maine needs jobs, and so far the only jobs he has created are for lawyers and his daughter.


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