Maine Democrats upset by LePage memo pledging to put "11,000 bureaucrats to work getting Republicans re-elected"

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine Democrats and the head of the state employees' union are upset by what they see as a plan by the administration of GOP Gov. Paul LePage to use state employees to help get Republicans re-elected.

An internal memo written last month by LePage spokesman Dan Demeritt concluded with the phrase the LePage administration "will put 11,000 bureaucrats to work getting Republicans re-elected."

"I don't care if it's a Democratic governor or a Republican governor, we shouldn't see this type of perceived politicization of folks who are just trying to go to their job every day, do what the people of Maine want them to do and go home and be with their families," said Maine State Employees Association Executive Director Chris Quint. "This is stepping outside the bounds of what a governor of the state of Maine should be doing."

The memo was posted Thursday on the Democrat-leaning website

But Demeritt said the memo, written before LePage took office, contained nothing inappropriate and that it shouldn't be taken literally.

"This was about — during the transition — taking a forward look at opportunities we'd have as Republicans to work together as we implemented our agenda and made government work," Demeritt said. "It wasn't about asking state employees to pound in yard signs or put bumper stickers on their cars. It was about being effective enacting our agenda and taking every opportunity we could to put a spotlight on it."

Democratic Party Chairman Ben Grant said LePage must denounce the plan.

"Using state resources to influence partisan elections is a clear violation of a statute prohibiting state employees from engaging in partisan political activity in their capacity as state employees," Grant said. "The 11,000 men and women who work in Maine state government are not political pawns."

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Sewell Colby's picture

Democrats Upset

The Democratic Party has been upset since Nov. 2nd 2010. Not easy giving up that tasty teat.

 's picture

so true, but just wait and see how nasty they get when

our new 'Maine Right To Work State' legislation gets passed and thus reducing some of the fat political bank accounts for so-called unions like SEIU, AFL-CIO and Teamsters. 'Right To Work' will be a great boost for both the Maine economy and Maine workers overall. If you want to stay informed about this important legislation, be sure to bookmark and

Sewell Colby's picture


DO PEOPLE IN AMERICA [REALLY] HAVE ANY SAY IN WHAT GOVERNMENT DOES ??? I believe the answer is "NO", until everyone can have a common agenda that benefit all and not select interests dividing the 'pie' for their own interests only. A start would be to compel congress to live by the rules and laws they impose on the people they represent, with no exception.

 's picture

The Far-Left has created this Maine mess

but Governor LePage will surely help us escape the pro-Socialism push... but some of the above comments illustrate how this won't be an easy task.

 's picture

SEIU Local 1989 has been using state workers as political pawns

In case you haven't noticed, the state employees union (SEIU Local 1989) has been using state workers as political pawns for years... not to mention the countless amount of tax dollars they've also used on one-sided political campaigns for the Far-Left.

If you'd like to see some proof, here linked are a few examples:






(SEIU Local 1989 targets state workers at the Cross Office Building)


Bob Deschenes's picture

Maine Democrats Upset

There was nothing wrong with my comment. Now at least I know where the SJ stands

Bob Deschenes's picture

Maine Democrats Upset

I withdraw this comment.

Bob Deschenes's picture

Maine Democrats Upset

We need to impeach Gov Kiss my Butt. Like it was said in a recently big news coverage. Some one now and then slips thru in the cracks.

 's picture

Well, just wait awhile, the

Well, just wait awhile, the true story will come out, like all the rest of the accusations. I guess we'll have to put up with the distortions for four years. Hey, who did the unions support?

Not on the same page either..

Another blunder by our newly elected gov...does this guy know anything about the processes?? He seems to be winging it as he goes along..and they always have an excuse as to why he does the stupid things he does or says..4 more long years with this person...UGH!!!

Mark Elliott's picture

Relax people is right! The

Relax people is right! The headline makes it sound as if LePage made the comment when he didn't, it was Dan Demeritt! I am also very curious as to why the addresses of the recipients were "whited out" the media protecting someone?

 's picture

Wow he didn't waste any time

Wow he didn't waste any time breaking the rules
I feel sorry for you here in Maine

 's picture


It's not even legal. Anybody surprised?


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