Does not represent the people

I cannot help but wonder if members of the Republican Party are still pleased with their choice of candidate to run for governor of the state of Maine.

I have lived in Lewiston all of my life and I am not pleased to know that Paul LePage also comes from this city. He does not represent the people of Maine in a proper manner.

Paul LePage is the most uncouth person I have ever known to sit in the governor's chair in this state.

Cecilia Harkins, Lewiston

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 's picture

does not represent the People

Cecilia. Please explain to me where Uncouth matters. It is apparent that Your remarks are a one sided judgement call. Did Governor baldacci represent lewiston in a Couth Manner? What is your criteria for Couth representation?
I wonder if you have voted at all, or are you like many quick to cast broad stroked judgement on our Governor? You See Cecila the Economic and Social conditions here in Maine are so anti commonsense that perhaps our Governor has hidden his 'Couth' image .I'm not the least bit concerned and I am much less concerned with what Critics like you have to say. If you cannot write something positive than please do not waste our time with your foolishness.

Thank you

 's picture

I find it comical that what

I find it comical that what Gov LePage is going to do is neither "right" or "left." The "republican" sweep was just an outcry of common sense. I personally don't care about his "couth" or anything else he has to say. We can't afford this government. There is NO more money. We need to fullfill our obligations, we need to trim redundancy. We need to PAY our bills. To say we have "balanced" the budget while shorting the hospitals is CRAZY. To say our last Governor sacrificed himself politically to "Not raise broad based taxes", is a word game. The citizens who own property, know that taxes were shifted to the towns, by shorting all sorts of programs. So every town scrambled to adjust for the difference, and we ended up with..... higher property taxes. In order ot have our existing businesses grow, and attract new ones, AND to stop the out-migration, regulation, taxes, redundancy needs to be trimmed drastically. IF the "repubs" and this Gov won't do that, we all have to shop for new ones.
A 180 degree turn. I am going to miss Madeleine and Barb and the rest. They really have very gentle and sound voices. It s a shame

RONALD RIML's picture

Or 20% of the community with 70% of the screen-names

AMF - Adios, Mother-Trucker.........

 's picture

Still at an undisclosed location.

Thanks Jack and John. I won't get home until 2/10, well after the drop dead date, so this may be my last dispatch. I'll pause for the cheers from the bilge crew.

I have spent about an hour skimming over the letters and comments posted since I left. Nothing I have seen leads me to believe that my real name, or any other real info, is safe in the hands of the green-badged. On the contrary, the general tone of these discussions (and I use the term loosely) has taken a very predictable dive. Maybe it will change when those hundreds of the newly verified actually do something other than lurk - but I would bet against it.

The central theme always devolves to plain envy. It is very appropriate that the staff chose the color green.

 's picture

I have to admit I thought

I have to admit I thought this guy was a train wreck right from the start.... But now I have to say he's growing on me and many other people I know some of whom are Dems. Looks like he really DOES represent the people.

RONALD RIML's picture

And just like LePage - canker sores also "grow on you"

But that doesn't mean they're any good......

Mark Elliott's picture

That's exactly what we needs

That's exactly what we needs Mac, for those who believe in him no matter what party, to speak up and support him. He's rough, but if I complain about the way he speaks, it would make me a hypocrite! He was mild, I would have said "Kiss my rosy red A**" if someone had implied I was a racist!

RONALD RIML's picture

"Multiple Personality Disorder"

is actually "Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)" - DSM-IV 300.14

And as I learned rather quickly when a cop - you can't reason with crazy people and drunks.

RONALD RIML's picture

I got news4u - Come Feb1 - You'll be 10-7

Google that one.

 's picture


You mean, ahem, you found another troll?

Mark Elliott's picture

"T" your behavior right now

"T" your behavior right now is comparable to "name calling" as well.

Mark Elliott's picture

if I were trying to be funny,

if I were trying to be funny, you would be laughing....

Mark Elliott's picture

Let me ask you Cecilia, why?

Let me ask you Cecilia, why? Why do you feel this way? If you are going to publicly call him names, then how about an explanation?

I am still a very happy Republican!

Mark Elliott's picture

"uncouth" is subjective,

"uncouth" is subjective, merely an opinion. To those that don't believe that opinion, it is "name calling"!

Mark Elliott's picture

Don't get too dizzy there

Don't get too dizzy there 'T"!

Mark Elliott's picture

anyone can spew negativity.

anyone can spew negativity. If you want to "convince" people that their opinions are wrong then back it up is all I ask!

Mark Elliott's picture

Tron, the man hasn't even

Tron, the man hasn't even been in office a full month yet, but I bet he's done more already then Baldi did in his first year! I am going to applaud you today though Tron, you and George are the only liberals with guts enough to come out and play today. Why is it when conservatives start speaking out, liberals go into hiding?? Don't underestimate the conservative movement in Maine my friend. It is much more powerful than you think. Maine isn't as liberal as many people believe, just look at the individual country results of our last presidential election! Did you not see this coming? Shame on you for not paying attention!

Mark Elliott's picture

It amazes me that liberals

It amazes me that liberals not only seem to think they know what is best for the people, they also seem to think they know what makes us happy.......tsk, tsk, tsk

Mark Elliott's picture

I am my own leader!

I am my own leader!

Mark Elliott's picture

Apparently northwoods, some

Apparently northwoods, some people disagree that you are still happy.


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