Woolwich man charged in Lewiston shootings

LEWISTON — A Woolwich man was arrested Friday, charged with shooting at one Marble Street home and breaking into another last weekend.

Police arrested Nicholas Malcolm, 22, of 120 Meadow Road after interviewing him at the police station. He is charged with reckless conduct with a firearm, aggravated assault and robbery. He was taken to the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn where bail was set at $10,000 cash.

On Saturday night, several shots were fired at the home of Jamie and Tom Bolduc at 81 Marble St., which runs parallel to College Street. Police said additional shots were fired in the area of 45 Marble St., the home of the Bolducs' daughter, Erica Lever.

One woman who was struck by flying debris during the shootings was taken to Central Maine Medical Center where she was treated for an injury to her ear, police said.

When police arrived, the gunman was gone. Lewiston Detective James Theiss investigated the case and developed leads pointing to Malcolm as a suspect.

Police did not say whether there was a known connection between Malcolm and the Bolduc family. The family declined to comment Friday.

In 2007, the two homes were the focus of a police investigation into suspected drug dealing, according to court records. Drug agents kept the homes under surveillance and later searched the house at 81 Marble St.

During the search, police were led to a duffel bag in a first-floor bedroom, according to U.S. District Court documents. Inside the bag, police found a quantity of crack cocaine described in the documents as "the size of a tennis ball."

Two men, including a New York man described as a frequent guest at both 45 and 81 Marble St., were charged with possession and intent to distribute crack cocaine.

Malcolm's name did not appear in connection with that case. State records show he did prison time on convictions for assault and escape.

Malcolm remained in jail Friday night. He was expected to make an initial court appearance next week.

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

How does a guy from Woolwich

How does a guy from Woolwich come to Lewiston and shoot up a couple of homes on the same street without there being a connection somewhere?

 's picture

wow, haven't seen so much

wow, haven't seen so much drama since.... Danny shot Melissa in the back of the head and tried to make it look like she was the guilty one.

 's picture




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