Wrong choice for governor

Get serious — on snowstorm days, Gov. Paul LePage would expect the state to operate the same as Marden's?  ... if Marden's is open, the state should be, too. It sounds like he cares more about Marden's than he does state workers.

And give me a break — there is no way LePage's daughter has the experience she would need to take on a job paying $41,000 per year. There are people out there who have the experience. At least she won't have to stand in the unemployment line, unlike so many other people.

I believe LePage is more concerned with filling his and his daughter's pockets, and maybe promoting some business for Marden's.

He says Marden's pays its employees good wages, and that Marden's is a second job for many people. Not true. For most, it is a 40-hour-per-week job. Some work at Marden's as a second job but the pay isn't all that good and promotions aren't easy to get for those without experience.

It is never too late to right a wrong. Is LePage what voters really want for governor? I mean, he told President Barack Obama to go to hell.

I'm glad I didn't vote for him.

Phyllis Caron, Lewiston

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 's picture

If LL Bean is open...

Marden's is open.

 's picture

In the immortal words of

In the immortal words of Obama, "we won, you lost". Get over it.

 's picture

Right choice for Governor

Phyllis and Woody. I bet you both wasted your votes and either voted for Pathetic out of Touch Libby Mitchell or worse Peking Elliot Cutler. Well . I voted for Paul Lepage. Now Woody you seem irritated by Governor Lepage Telling' President Barry Obama' to go to hell and telling those' Water Carriers for the Liberal left the 'NAACP' To Kiss His Butt.

Now I agree with you Woody I see a pattern Developing and I like what I See.

Also Woody can you explain why President Barry Obama has yet to provide the American people with Proof Positive that he was indeed born in the USA ?

Woody please help me out with this I cannot imagine what Barry has to Hide? Now Suzie frey do you really think that most people care one Hoot about your remark inferring that Governor Lepage is a racist. First off most sensible People have moved beyond that. I myself have no issue with the Governor saying what he Did about 'President Barry or the Martin Luther King Holiday' Water Carriers.

Also Suzy would you be willing to explain to me why President Barry has yet to provide or furnish the proper documentation to prove to the American Peple that he is a legitimate born US Citizen? What and why is he hidning the Truth./ I say let's put all the Cards on the Table and call a 'Spade a Spade"

 's picture

Who is

Barry Obama?

Mark Elliott's picture

always has some nasty

always has some nasty comments about people of color???? Are you sure? Do you think when Paul tells his black son that he loves him it is a nasty comment?

 's picture

I'll bet there are two families...

...out there who would be happy to split that 41 grand.

 's picture


Maine is a snow state, it should be open for business. If all the businesses in Alaska closed for snow days, especially the cities and towns, they would be closed all winter and it's longer here believe me. I get to say these things about Maine, I lived in Maine till I was 20. Came back a few years ago after retiring but found that Maine was not the same at all. Guess that old saying is true, you can't go home again. Alaska is home and open.

Jim Cyr's picture

Wrong choice

Ms. Caron, and what experience does President Obama have to be elected President. And what was the real context as to what he told the president to do? He only wanted the state to have the final say in regards to the lobstermen. He felt, as a lot of people have, about the Federal intruding on "States Rights".
And you get serious! A little snow and we close the State? As the man said,"This is Maine and it is winter" We have too many closings too often!

 's picture

The problem is...

...he DOESN'T have thick skin. He tells the President to go to hell, he tells the NAACP to kiss his butt. I would hardly call that being thick skinned.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot believes that Mr.

The parrot believes that Mr. Woodbury is confusing skin depth with the ability to kick ass.

Mark Elliott's picture

first of all, he didn't tell

first of all, he didn't tell the president to "go to hell", he said the headlines in the papers would read that way, because you know those headlines are always accurate. It was sarcasm........second, he was in a private meeting with fishermen, all of whom were also speaking in that manner. It was not a "public hearing". He was simply building rapport with the folks he was speaking with. (and he was successful at it) That Mitchel implant probably was not invited.

The NAACP was implying that Paul was a racist, as they usually do when the don't agree with someone. I would have told them to kiss my a**!

GARY SAVARD's picture

Right Phyllis, I really miss

Right Phyllis, I really miss "honest John" Baldacci and his cronies too. But hey, we can't have it all, can we? All in all, despite a lack of polish, I think the people we now have in Augusta will do a better job for this state than the folks they replaced did. We'll see.

Mark Elliott's picture

"Is LePage what voters really

"Is LePage what voters really want for governor?", why yes, yes he is!


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